Rooted Optimus V-Market & downloads not working

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  1. 101derek

    101derek New Member

    Hi there, I rooted my Optimus V last weekend and the phone was working fine. Two days ago Market stopped working and now my browser is not working properly. I can browse the web using WIFI and 3G but cannot download anything. I get error messages like "sorry process vending not accessible". The messages are flashing by very fast leading to blank loading web page that seems to be loading but never does. I read a few posts with similar issues and decided to pull my battery out and restart, now this seems to have taken away my root access. What's happening?

    Last weekend I first used the All Things Root Guide "Simplified Root, Recovery, and Custom Rom process and could not get root access, then I successfully used the "Rooting Without a Computer" method. I did not touch the standard ROM.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. tyler79durdan

    tyler79durdan Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you are another victim of the Google Play transition. is the markets update process, and the web page its trying to open is the terms of use for Google Play. If you do still have root, look for a decently rated, pre-rooted ROM... You'll enjoy it more that your stock ROM
  3. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href=" Contributor

    If your situation doesn't straighten out on it's own by tonight pm me and I will move your thread to the All Thing's Root sub-forum. It could be a product of the change in the market.
    It could be you might have deleted something by mistake as well, in which case installing a custom flash_image, recovery, and a ROM would be your best bet.
  4. riggerman1

    riggerman1 Well-Known Member

    Add long as all you did was root, no custom recovery or ROM, you can still use the factory reset to return it back factory settings just like the first time you turned it on. Just be aware, you will all the apps you installed and any saved text messages.
  5. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href=" Contributor

    Not too many of the new V's with 2.2.2 and the Hitachi screen's have ever survived using the Factory Reset form the privacy menu after being rooted.
    Some of the 2.2.1's could (mine first one was only rooted and is a stone cold BRICK), some of the 2.2.2's with the Novatek screen could.
    2.2.2 with the Hitachi screen usually spells B.R.I.C.K.
  6. fightingirish

    fightingirish Well-Known Member

    Are you saying I gotta find a new ROM and reflash this thing just so I can download the update to Google Maps? Umm, no thanks! :D
  7. ron scubadiver

    ron scubadiver Well-Known Member

    Try going into your launcher and look for the "Play Store" icon. If that works, delete your dead market shortcut and replace it with a shortcut to "Play Store". That is what it took here.
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  8. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

    on my stock V, the original market icon still works as is, yes i did have to agree to new play TOS but that is all that changed for me.
  9. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

    spoke to soon, the old icon hung around for a while and went right to play, but now I have a play icon after a reboot.
  10. StUpId8000

    StUpId8000 Member

    I've been having the same issue for about a week, running on the BACKside ROM with Green Machine for a month with no issues till this. I have gone through the whole thing a numbers of times with little differences last night and it will only work when I reload back to stock form doing restore in clockworkmod.
  11. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Reboot to recovery. Wipe Cache > Dalvik and then reflash Gapps.

    See if that helps. If not, post back and someone will try to help you further.
  12. StUpId8000

    StUpId8000 Member

    I did that, I even started completely over from the stock backup, wiped everything but the sdcard. Once I get the rom back on it starts giving errors "process stopped working".

    Is there a newer Gapps or a different one? Im using everything from the "Simplified Root + Recovery + Custom ROM" thread. I did it so meny different ways and changed different things Im getting really fast at this on the OV lol
  13. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    If you are using BACKside, use the gapps Jerry has linked in his post. I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that if you're using an IHO rom, you need to use gapps specifically for those. Normally a rom dev will have the correct gapps linked in their post.
  14. StUpId8000

    StUpId8000 Member

    Thats the one im using. Its not working or something els is going wrong. I had everything working for a month before this. Makes no since.
  15. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    No idea if this will work or not.. total shot in the dark; copy everything on your sd card over to your pc (or to Dropbox or something similar so you have everything backed up), then format the sd card.

    As I said, no idea if that will make any difference. It seems like you've tried everything else.
  16. StUpId8000

    StUpId8000 Member

    Thats something I was going to try this weekend. Like you said, shoot the darkness in the head.

    If it does work, would it be best to not put the copy back on the card and just start over?
  17. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Well that's another thing too. If it where me, I would just start over. Reason being is we don't know if there's something on the card that's corrupt, or if the card itself is just faulty. Although I dunno why a faulty card would only affect Google Play. Weirder things have happened!
  18. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href=" Contributor

    I had a similar problem with mine, but it was something else it messed up. Just that one thing. Formatted and went back to business as usual.
  19. rbubernak

    rbubernak New Member

    Settings: Application: Manage Applications: Google Play Store. Click Clear Clear Data and Clear Cache.

    I remember doing this once and fixed my problem

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