Rooted!! (Phandroid Article)

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  1. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

  2. nick99wj

    nick99wj Well-Known Member

    steven it's nice to see you over here, I remember how great you helped out back in Inc forum last summer(sadly my inc died). Hopefully you can somehow help get this Revolution out there enough so the dev support gets big
  3. stetsonaw

    stetsonaw Well-Known Member

    I Updated the Rootzwiki page today with instructions for Windows Users.
  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    sorry about the dinc, bro. I got my dinc and traded it in for the DX which I still have. It's rooted and I have gb and other mods on it. I purchased two dincs, one each for my wife and daughter. The LOVE it.

    It is great to see you too! Yeah, they made me a mod, believe it or not ;) and one of my jobs is to be more "universal" all over the forum, which is why I'm here.

    It is good to see the folks for the old Incredible thread though, every now and then, huh?

    Take care!
  5. Ufkal

    Ufkal Well-Known Member

    I'm another Original Inc owner from the other forum now over here. I wonder how many we more of us we will see here.
  6. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Plenty! :)
  7. Saporia

    Saporia Member


    Is there a step by step guide to rooting on the MAC? From installing ADB (there is not a Platform-tools folder there is a platform folder with nothing in it and a tools folder with some stuff in it). How to get the add-ons? I got to the terminal, but it is saying no such file or directory and command not found. I've googled it and found step by step guide for windows and linux, but no guidance for MAC :( There is something (I think it's the news and finance app) running in the background of this phone and I want it off!! Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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