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Rooted phone, but some apps that require a root say its not rooted

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  1. thatdjkidd

    thatdjkidd Member

    So i recently rooted my Atrix using getaphixx's tutorial & super1click. I installed 2 apps to take screenshots, which require a root, when i installed them, i was prompted to let superuser grant them permission, which i did. But when i launch the apps & try to screen shot, it states that my phone isn't rooted? So. Whatsup with that? Do i need to re-root or something? :confused:

  2. StyleUkno

    StyleUkno New Member

    i came here for the exact same thing. I installed ShootMe and it says that it "failed starting server.Please check that you have ***ROOT*** access on your device and enable access to the lower level graphics." anyone have any idea on how to fix this? and i rooted my Atrix the exact same way that you did.
  3. kgeissler

    kgeissler Well-Known Member

    I don't think any of the screenshot apps are working yet. Try installing Titanium Backup or AdFree and see if those work. If they do, they you know root is working.
  4. lunitunz

    lunitunz New Member

    I rooted also (droid 3) but when i downloaded titanium backup and opened it; it says my phones not rooted. I also downloaded the app that varifies a phone is rooted, it says that superuser and busybox are installed correctly. Please advise @ lunitunz4040@yahoo.com

  5. octoarms

    octoarms Well-Known Member

    Have you checked to see if SU has any logs of it making an attempt at SU access?
  6. demp1c

    demp1c New Member


    • opne pc companion or if you dont have just do a google search
    • click on update phone and then click on repair
    • follow the instructioons until finished
    • EXTRACT superoneclick and run it and root your phone again

    this seemed to work for me i had the exact problem so i just put everything to default and done it again from scratch

    i think what caused this problem was when i installed a custome kernal and rom still unsure but:/

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