Rooted phone drains battery!

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  1. akanth

    akanth New Member

    I tried to root my U8800 so that i could use it as a wifi hotspot, after having installed superboot I tried to use different wifi tethering apps without any luck. And after rooting it, my phone drains the battery in 5 hours or so!

    Does anyone know the solution to one or both of these problems?

  2. Clevo89

    Clevo89 Well-Known Member

    Go to settings/ about Phone/ Battery usage

    Thsi will give you a report on what's chewing up your power.

    Rooting the phone doesn't cause power drain.

    The new power drain is caused by an app or a system setting and you will have to figure it out because at this stage you havenpt provided enough information to form a possible solution.

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