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Rooted phone having major problems

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  1. sparkeymat

    sparkeymat Member

    New rooter here. The rooting process was easy and adjusting the Cpu was no problem either. The issue came when I was reading online about zipalign. It said it would make my phone run faster. Well it didn't. I keep getting errors and forced closing. The most common error I get is (process com.android.) fallowing "android." it says whatever is being forced closed. This happens with all my social networks, email accounts, google play, kindle, pretty much anything I have downloaded. My 3g Icon is stuck on gray as well. Any advise on how to fix this would be great. I'm still rooted and Rom toolbox pro still runs.

  2. sparkeymat

    sparkeymat Member

    Since no one felt the need or maybe didn't have the knowledge to help me, I managed to fix the problem m.yself. Thanks for nothing

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