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rooted phone reboots

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  1. dcooterfrog

    dcooterfrog Well-Known Member

    sometimes my phone reboots. at least once per day for 4 days
    I have defrosted all my previously frozen apps.

    clearly I can't take it back because now i get the little orange triangle when I reboot. (do we know how to change that back yet after we root)

    other than the root and frozen apps.
    everything else is a basic apps only moved 2 things to system
    widget app picker, and sqllite 3. these should not cause a reboot.

    few games
    samba server
    root explorer,
    juice defender (could that be it) I could down grade that if I need. I just disabled it.
    titanium backup

  2. KnightCrusader

    KnightCrusader Well-Known Member

    The only thing I can suggest is backing up all your apps, restoring the factoryfs image here to make sure thats back to normal, and doing a factory data reset to clear /data and cache. Then restore your apps one at a time until you find the culprit.... if it continues again.
  3. dcooterfrog

    dcooterfrog Well-Known Member

    ok I downloaded the image from the other thread. I can manage that. you are a great resource. will this reset the traingle or am I stuck with that.

    in other words does is get me all the way back to box new / unrooted/ returnable,
    or just 9/10ths of the way
  4. KnightCrusader

    KnightCrusader Well-Known Member

    Nah, you're still stuck with the triangle until you flash back the original stock kernel.

    Even then, the phone keeps a count of how many times you flashed a custom kernel to it, so, warranty is still void. I'm personally not going to take my time to learn how to reset it, I think its more fun watching the counter go up as I dev more. Right now I think I am on 25 or 26. :D
  5. dcooterfrog

    dcooterfrog Well-Known Member

    that's funny
    I think the problem may have been juicedefender.
  6. daventodd

    daventodd Member

    Mine has frequent restarts and Heimdall wont detect my phone in download mode. I'm going to hard reset it since I have my contacts and other important information is safe and then re-root.

    Welll, resetting didnt work. It still shows that I "dont have service" and that a "com.samsung.sync" could not run. Idk what to do and I can't take it back to Verizon because Superuser and Titanium Backup are still somehow on my phone...
  7. gilroy222

    gilroy222 Well-Known Member

    I know this is an old thread however i'm still trying to find a solution. Juice defender also is making my phone reboot randomly. It's an S2 with the ICS update. Battery life is still garbage so I want JD but I can't use it. I even paid for ultimate when I was on GB.
  8. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    sorry man but the stratosphere does NOT have ICS and it sounds like that is what is conflicting with JD so we cannot help you with it, try a forum for a phone which does have ICS
  9. gilroy222

    gilroy222 Well-Known Member

    lol wow I thought this was a Galaxy forum. Sorry about that.

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