rooted phone shutting down

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    A month or two ago, i rooted my phone & after I've had no problems until now.

    This morning i woke up and on my phone there was a system update ready. At the time i wasn't aware that a system update & rooted phones don't mix. So i started the update. The phone then shut down and a black screen that if I'm remembering correctly said flashboot? Dont exactly remember but i do know i couldn't do anything on that screen but hold my power button & volume down button to turn the phone off. Then i pressed the power button on and the phone started back up. But after not even 5 minutes the phone turns off again with the same black screen. So i did the same thing and then texted my dad, in the middle of my text the phone shut off. I turned it back on, and finished the text and sent it. The message is still sending & im using my phone right now. I think the only reason it hasn't shut off yet is because its still sending my message. I don't know what ill do when the message stops sending. So please help me stop this. Id rather not even do the update and just get my phone back to how it was before this morning happened. I have a droid razr hd and have had it for a year.

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    I moved this thread to the sub-forum where root-related questions about this phone are discussed.

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