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[Rooted] Photo Storage issues

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  1. unrealone

    unrealone Member

    sometimes after a restart, i can go to my photo albums and see all my pics, sd card pics included... and sometimes after a restart, i will go to the albums and wont have the sd card pics showing, just others...how do i change the settings so that i always see the sd card pics and others in the album? it has happened 3-4 times since ive owned the phone and im not sure how i keep switching the settings around... :confused:

    maybe i have that backwards... i just want to see all the pics i have taken or were transferred over at some point...

    i assume i could fix this issue if it would give me access to the phone storage in the camera settings, but it wont... im a little lost

  2. unrealone

    unrealone Member

    thanks for the move marctronixxi, but i dunno if my problem is exactly like op's ... reads similar, but i cant even get access to my storage through the camera settings and although i have the es.file ex dloaded, it doesnt help ... perhaps i just dont know how to use it properly, but i shouldnt need it anyways...

    what i am missing sometimes are all the photos that were transferred over from my old phone... like i said, sometimes they are all in the album and sometimes after a reboot , they are gone... i know they are still there and last time i couldnt find them, after i did something with a picture, it asked me if i wanted all pics to be seen that way...i cant remember..thanks anyways
  3. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    you seem to be having USB storage issues from what it sounds like on this end of the internet.

    hard to diagnose over the net as well, but if you do have a file explorer, you should be able to see the images/files form the reader.

    try wifi explorer. its in the market. it lets you wirelessly explore your phone through your wireless network connection. i use that almost exclusively when adding/removing files.

    you have all the JB recent updates and your phone is not rooted im ASSuming... :eek:
  4. unrealone

    unrealone Member

    nooo..phone is rooted...i havent installed any updates since the root ... but i have no idea what i was doing when it asked me, just a few weeks ago, if i would like to switch the camera shots over to sdcard... i dont think i have more than 100 photos anyways, so storage isnt an issue... odd
  5. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    OK, rooted device changes the game a bit.

    made a new thread and moved it here to the rooted section.

    Can you kindly list the ROM you are using and how long you have been using it?

    Have/can you contact the dev of the ROM you are using? or are you stock s-off?

    could be a few reasons as to why you may be experiencing these issues, so I will pass this to the rooted users who can shed more light on what could be going on.
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  6. unrealone

    unrealone Member

    well, as expected, after another reboot, the first thing i did was hit the camera icon and low and behold it asked me where i wanted to set my storage ... so i set it at sd-card instead of phone storage and all my pics are back... i also have access to choose the storage in the settings... im not sure why, when its set to "phone storage" , that it doesnt allow me to go into settings and change it, but it doesnt...ill just have to remember next time i reboot...

    thanks again for your help...

    oh, everything is stock...ics... in case anyone else has similar issues
  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    not sure if this a stock issue or not, but i never have had any issues with camera and pics. have you tried any custom roms? if you like sense then viper or meanbean is the way to go. if you like to try something different then i would recommend going with aosp roms. the one i really like is pacman. it is what i am currently on now.

    just make sure to make a nandroid backup before doing so. here is a guide i would recommend that you read:http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-lte...g-dummies-guide-racun-babyracun-unlocked.html. just skip the first post about rooting and skip down to the second post as it has tons of great info now that you are rooted.

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