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rooted unlocked but loses serviceSupport

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  1. liljerry24

    liljerry24 New Member

    I rooted and unlocked my captivate glide and it was working fine then sound started acting funny and I lost service when I go to check mobile networks it says insert Sim card for network acesss thinking it was the Sim inserted it into original phone and works fine did I do something wrong in the unlock process or is there maybe something else I'm over looking something......the phone will usually start working after a few days....

  2. babelsquirrel

    babelsquirrel Active Member

    First thing I would probably try is to get a replacement SIM from my carrier/mobile operator even though it works in another phone. Could just be a physical issue with how the SIM is sitting in the slot.

    It isn't the kind of thing I'd expect from rooting/unlocking.

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