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Rooted Vs Unrooted

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  1. whitecloud197

    whitecloud197 Active Member

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between Rooted and Unrooted cell phones are?

    Im having issues getting Android 2.1 and HTC Support suggested "Unrooting" my phone and gave me the directions to do it, and after unrooting it, and doing a factory reset if i still cant get it they said I may have to exhcange my phone for one already equipped with Android 2.1

    any comments?

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  2. poultrum

    poultrum Well-Known Member

    I`ll explain it as if its a pc makes it easier to understand,so an unrooted pc would have an OS on it and would allow you to do mostly everything, but you can`t change system settings etc like CPU speed can`t remove certain software etc etc , where as if the PC was rooted it would mean you could install whatever your liked on it change cpu speeds etc basically a phone which is rooted allows you to have administrator rights where as unrooted doesn`t,

    as long as you know what your doing having your phone rooted is`nt a bad thing, gives you more control, but then again can cause problems again if you don`t know what your doing.
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  3. rob0688

    rob0688 New Member

    how do you know if your phone is rooted or not?
  4. 1ceb0x

    1ceb0x Well-Known Member

    you know when your phone is rooted when you can perform system apk's uninstalls, such as message apk if you want to use something else (i.e go sms). or much easy, you know when you've rooted your phone when you can install an apk that needs rooted phones to work, such as titanium backup.

    the thing about rooted phones is that you can do a lot more things with your phone, you can install any android rom you like, from the devs that does this things (Best look at villainrom roms). as poultrom said, you can set your hero's cpu power up to 710 or, if you are one of the lucky ones, 740 mHZ. I have my phone set at 690 and it works fine.

    You can also change your phone's font.
    You can backup almost everything, from apks (user and system apks) to system preferences.

    Heck, you can do anything you like. Just think about it, htc's roms are just a 'barrier' for the first time user to not **** up their phone. if you know you are up to the challenge to root your phone, do it. but if you don't even know how to uninstall a PC program, do not perform anything on your phone, because you risk to brick it and htc will not give you a damn thing back, because it will be your fault.

    i'm a happy user of an rooted hero for 1 year now.
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  5. Val21

    Val21 Active Member

    When you root your phone is all your apps still on there.

    perform system apk's uninstalls

    I want to do that for sure.
  6. mrsureshisha

    mrsureshisha New Member

    That's also my doubt....

    Dude....have you got the answer....please share...
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  7. mrsureshisha

    mrsureshisha New Member

    When you root your phone is all your apps still on there.

    Thanks in advance..

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