Rooted with Market AVD for emulator

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  1. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Well-Known Member

    I will post in the next few days the step by step instructions of how to do this on your own. I have notes and shortcuts to various web sites all over my computer. I had to filter though many many old How To's about Placing the Market in the AVD as well as how to root the emulator. I finally succeed last night but I had to invent a way to make mkfs.yaffs.arm work to copy and save a system.img file to the virtual SD Card and then pull it to my hard drive so I could copy it into the AVD.
    The AVD's are read only so any changes you make while running the emulator are are discarded when you close down the AVD.

    I have posted a video on youtube and here to show that the fixes I made stuck.

    Once you have the avd here is what to do with it on your machine. Please read this and follow the instructions about editing the ini file in your notepad program.

    Link to the AVD download

  2. applesniper

    applesniper New Member

    hi i just downloaded your AVD, it is rooted and works, but i find that home button is not working, is there anyway to fix it?
  3. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Well-Known Member

    I am on road and have no way to check for some time. as i remember, I always had to use the back button. Soeey for noe.
  4. applesniper

    applesniper New Member

    ok..thanks anyway
    i was trying to get a software running background but wasn't able to use home button back to homescreen and back key don't quit, guess need find otherways to root it
  5. donbia

    donbia Member

    I tried to go to your drop box ans received an an error.
  6. iqra6500

    iqra6500 Member

    Rooting is necessary or not?

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