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  1. livio

    livio New Member

    Hello Folks!
    K Zoom has its own rooting method, thanks to ddevey of XDA.

    you need
    1) the Chainfire Auto Root for Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 and
    2) Odin.

    You can find ChainFire AT at this link:
    CF-Root Download

    Odin is available at:!QYQGlApJ!-e-7wOV_9-su7zYZxoCSRo-_Fq4HGmqkWr2FpFpdONY

    Unzip the file; you will have CF-Auto-Root-hllte-hlltexx-smn7505.tar.md5 on your hard disk.

    Flash the ChainFire AT md5 file with Odin (with K Zoom in "download mode") and wait while phone make his reboot.....You have root.
    SuperSu will be installed.

    thanks to ddevey and Zubair1024 of XDA!

    ps: tested by myself, works like a charm!
    ps2: OTA updates unavailable, once rooted
    ps3: status will be changed to: custom (no problem since there's not any Knox control: Knox is only an app that you can uninstall, once rooted)

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  2. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Confirmed working also.
    To get K zoom into Download mode

    Turn off your Samsung Galaxy K Zoom SM-C115.
    Press volume down button and home button simultaneously.
    Press Power-On button once and keep pressing the Home button and volume down button. You will then be shown a message.
    Press Volume UP button to put it into download mode.

    Follow Livio's instructions above.
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  3. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Once Rooted. install AdFree from AdFree Main Menu
    and download hosts file to prevent ads loading.
    Saves time and bandwidth.
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  4. apprentice

    apprentice Member

    YES!! Thanks mate, I always knew you'd be the first to bring good news here!
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  5. Edmund1

    Edmund1 New Member

    @ livio

    p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } Hi Guys, I never (needed ) did anything with android but now my new K zoom is limited on memory with the google android "update".
    Unfortunately I am not familiar with the terms used here.
    Starting form above:

    "Flash the ChainFire AT md5 file with Odin (with K Zoom in "download mode")
    How it that done exactly?

    OTA?? is that Over The Air?? How do I update or install apps then if I want to?

    About "status" where do I find that and what does is do?
    What is "Knox control" ?

    What about the "ad free" thing? Why do I need that after rooting my K zoom?

    I need tot to free memory for my GPS app ( 4 gig with maps ) or the possibility to install it on my SD card.
    After some reading about android, google claims the limitation of the SD card is for safety purposes. But I think google itself is the worst of all spyware and I am sic a tired of the pop-ups,
    " Can I record anything from you?" NO you cannot google. But since they ask it a million times, for sure I will press he wrong button once so I like to get rid of that.
    What do you experts think of google/android and the stuff and apps they store on OUR phones?

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  6. apprentice

    apprentice Member

    There are many guides and walkthroughs on the internet and on YouTube explaining how to root Samsung devices using ODIN, you just need to Google something like "How do I root using ODIN?"

    Essentially you need to run the ODIN application on your PC, download the root files required, put the device in download mode and follow the instructions in those tutorials. It's very easy to do but I am not going to write a step by step guide here for you as it's been done a thousand times elsewhere!

    OTA is Over the air, but it's an update to the software (firmware) already preloaded on your device. You will be notified by Samsung when an update is available. Anything else you want is downloaded as normal from the Google Play store at any time. Bear in mind that rooting your device will mean you won't likely get an OTA update, but there are ways to update using other methods.

    The 'About' information is found in the phone's settings, unless you mean the status relating to whether the device has tripped a knox counter or warranty void status. This is found on the screen when you have put the phone in bootloader/download mode.

    You will need to Google "Samsung Knox" to get info on what that is and why you probably will never use it.

    "AdFree" is an optional app that modifies certain files to prevent other apps on your phone showing advertising. It needs root access. It's frowned upon, as a lot of developers rely on advertising to pay for the development. But it does mean you are not bombarded with junk too.

    Android 4.4 kit-kat removed write access to an external SD card. There are tools to help you reverse this and use the SD card to move/store app data and allow other apps to write to the SD card. These also need root though.

    Your final question... I love Android and Google's innovation. When you think about just how much you get for free from Google it's hard to criticise them.

    I hope this all helps, you need to now look at some of those guides/tutorials I mentioned ;)
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  7. Edmund1

    Edmund1 New Member

    @ apprentice

    Thank you very much.

    p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } About my criticism on Google Android, I don't like spyware on my equipment and I like to decide what I install on my phone.
    Google packed my phone with stuff I don't need I don't want and never use, stillI cannot remove it. It takes away space which prevent(ed) me from installing stuff I do want, like an navigation app.
    Then there are pop-ups, like
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  8. apprentice

    apprentice Member

    Hmm.. Unless you can install a custom ROM on this device that eliminates Google including the app store (and I don't expect anyone to be developing one any day soon) then you are tethered to the Google ecosystem just like Apple users are tethered to Apple and Microsoft users are tethered to Microsoft.

    They all have privacy issues. But why are you so paranoid? Having one account that syncs with everything is definitely the best way forward. The very reason they need your personal details are to sync with all the services available to you. Your location data is extremely useful when using location based apps, so again you choose which apps can do this. You can disable sync on your device and manually update when you are within WiFi range. You can also install apps that monitor and restrict network access to your needs.

    But seriously you can easily address all these 'issues' or be like me and not lose sleep over it and enjoy your phone and Android operating system!

    EDIT: We probably won't get thanked for posting these comments in the rooting section so any further comment should be posted in the general section.
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  9. vinvic

    vinvic New Member

    k zoom is fantastic.
    Rooting working very Well...and so works sky go mod 1.6 and arunchained for t the appradio
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  10. vinvic

    vinvic New Member

    k zoom is fantastic.
    Rooting working very Well...and so wor km sky go modo and arunchained forse appradio
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  11. Devine_insanity

    Devine_insanity New Member

    Hi, Thank you for the rooting method, I am unable to update the SuperSU binary, any help please

    Also is there cmw available?
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