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  1. Tonitz

    Tonitz Active Member

    I recently took my phone into US Cellular to get the Gingerbread update. It was rooted when I took it in and the update somehow removed the root access. According to the developer of SuperOneClick, All 2.3.4 devices need a custom root method. There is not yet one for the Mesmerize. :(

    Does anyone have an alternate method to root?

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  2. shelby04861

    shelby04861 Member

    there is a rooted uscellular version over on rootzwike already but you also need toflash the gps fix as well to get the gps working again. I did it and it works great. you gotta do this on your own using ODIN on your computer though. The other rooted version they have over there is for bellsouth if I remember correctly.
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  3. RiordanKJ

    RiordanKJ New Member

    I've the same problem, all I want to do is root the phone for access and backups. No rooting program out there works. can anyone help!
  4. Tofudisan

    Tofudisan Member

    I'll be watching this topic as well. I rooted my phone to remove bloatware apps to free system memory. I want my root back!
  5. Tonitz

    Tonitz Active Member

    I'd rather wait to see if someone comes up with a way to root the existing stock build that I have on my phone, so I'm hoping someone comes up with a method soon, otherwise I just might have to try your method.
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  6. freewilly2

    freewilly2 Member

    anyone have anything new on a root for gingerbread?
  7. thegipper453

    thegipper453 New Member

    Anyone figure out how to root he mesmerize w/gingerbread yet w/o having to flash and screw around with things?

    I hope someone thinks of a app or something soon, I feel lost w/o root access now =-(
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  8. Tonitz

    Tonitz Active Member

    After looking around on a few developer forums, I get the feeling that nobody is in a rush to develop a method to root our existing stock ROMs, and I'm not even sure it can be done.

    Over on rootzwiki they have quite a few versions of Gingerbread that are already rooted, so to the developers there is really no need to root our stock ROM's with the many that are available pre-rooted.

    I specifically installed the Cellular South Gingerbread ROM, which is simply a rooted stock version. It needs to be installed using ODIN, and you also need to flash a GPS patch in order to get it working. If you're not familiar with how to do all this, it sounds much harder than it is.

    Got it up and running, and it's pretty much the same as the US Cellular version. The only difference is it's missing the USCell specific things, like my navigation (still has stock nav) and the cheesy US Cell boot screen (comes with a nifty samsung animation now).

    If you're really wanting to root I'd say give it a go. If you have any problems feel free to post them here and I'll do my best to help.
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  9. trevorus

    trevorus New Member

    I have a stock US Cell rooted ROM flashed on mine. I'll have to remember where I got it, but it's the EH09 release. I did have to do the GPS fix, and I used Clockwork to flash it on the phone. A little convoluted, but not too hard. Odin is great and easy to use.
  10. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    yea ya know i would really like to see a one click apk like "intercept root " which was designed for the intercept but also ported for the acclaim which was my phone. i really dig gingerbread so there is no way important gonna flash back to froyo. anywho i don't want to mess around alot with internal stuff that i really have little knowledge of and put my new phone at risk of my understanding.g of something lol
  11. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    it's actually quite easy. For quick reference information there's a group on facebook. Look for Samsung Mesmerize. Great info there and always quick help when(if)you need it. Also rootzwiki has a section for the Mesmerize. I'm rooted and while it still needs a little coaxing here and there love the additional customization I'm able to do now.
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  12. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    ill check that group out!!!!
  13. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    i found the mez on fb and there was like one lonely post. anyhow i got rooted with odin and got recovery now just to find a descent Rom i want to change the filesystems but i noticed its not in the options in recovery . it was on my acclaim
  14. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    there's a lot more there than 1 post
  15. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    thanx, that did not pop up when i searched lol
  16. Zephlix

    Zephlix Member

    go here just to section 5

    [Guide]Installing A Rom/cwm Recovery/root/or Going Back To Stock. - RootzWiki

    Download ClockworkMod Recovery - used to replace factory default recovery program

    and Download "" to be put on sd card to root.

    do steps 2-5 unless you need samsung drivers then do 1 after downloading

    do step 6 except use the "cwm-recovery-ALL" file you downloaded instead of the "CWM3_Voodoo.tar.md5" file it states.

    then step 7, skip step 8, and finish by doing all of steps 9-14.

    I had updated firmware from samsung site to 2.3.4 I500, found this in the rootzwiki and processed only steps needed and was able to root from stock. Just need to use the cwm recovery instead of default recovery.

    should see the superuser icon, install busybox and now i am currently using titanium backup to restore all from the froyo 2.2.1 version. thus is why i giving info specs of phone that I can remember.

    site for uscellular 2.3.4 firmware i used is

    click software option to see the software.

    this also was the default samsung drivers i needed to instal 2.3.4 and same ones that are needed and don't need to be installed for using odin.

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