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Rooting a 2.2 OTA Updated Phone

  1. StarshipUK

    StarshipUK New Member

    I am looking at buying a HTC Desire, but would like to try rooting it and loading custom firmware.

    I am sure I read somewhere that it is not possible to Root a phone that has already been updated with the standard 2.2 OTA update.

    Does anyone know if that is true, and if so if there is a workaround?

  2. Si Pie

    Si Pie Well-Known Member

  3. Paranoid_Android101

    Paranoid_Android101 Active Member

    It is possible, I have done it using the unrEVOked method, you need to downgrade to 2.1 and HBOOT 0.80 first tho.... I am now running a rooted stock 2.2 rom on my unbranded desire, works great!

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