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Rooting a Samsung Galaxy Player 50

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  1. anon3524

    anon3524 New Member

    I've been trying to do this for over a week now with no avail. Before you reply, please do not copy/paste instructions from google based on z4root or anything else since it happened on another forum's thread more than once and of course, it did nothing to help since yes, I know google.com too.

    With z4root, the system freezes when the app says "aquiring root shell". I tried doing this with Kies running and all, and nothing. Installed new version, nothing.

    I was told to do it with Gingerbreak but I can't get the damn app to run, can anyone help me do this? I tried it with Astrofile but there is no function on Astro that opens or runs the Gingerbreak application. I also cannot move the app form my sd card to the droid, I don't know how to do this. There are a bunch of instructions on how to move from droid to sd but none from sd to droid. Also, how can I access my droid files with these file manager applications? everytime I use them, they seem to only browse the sd card, why?

    Any help (as long as it is not a direct copy/paste from google) will be greatly appreciated.

  2. jiggabyte

    jiggabyte Member

    Gingerbreak should show up in your app drawer, at least that's how it was on my phone. I've never used a galaxy player, does it have an app drawer? Have you given universal androot a go? Unless there was a specific reason for root I'd recommend you keep your warranty and remain stock. Try seeing if you have root by using titanium backup. Gingerbreak may have done it's job without a confirmation.
    Oh, and copying to and from internal memory is easy when you get the hang of the file system. When in astro file manager there's an up button that takes you to the parent folder of where you are. If you are looking at your sd card contents you're probably at /mnt/sdcard. Go up a few parent folders and you'll wind up at / which is like C: on Windows. It is also possible that the /mnt/sdcard folder is your internal media partition and your sd card is really under /mnt/sd-ext. That's how it is on my Atrix, yours may be similar.
  3. anon3524

    anon3524 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. The GingerBreak app does show up but it says it is an invalid application, as if the device refuses to run it. And yes, there is a drawer on the player.

    I want to root it to be able to play games smoother and run other apps in a smoother fashion. Also, to tweak things here and there and just to see my options really, to see if it makes a big difference or not. If not, I might just set it back to default since I want to sell the device in the future anyway.

    I will give this "universal androot" a shot and see how that goes, thanks for the tip.

    About moving files, I got the hang of it in the last couple of days since I've had more time to play with this (pretty addictive) device.

    Will post my results with universal androot in a bit.
  4. anon3524

    anon3524 New Member

    Did not try "universal androot", I just dont want to brick it since there's no firmware for it.

    I guess it is impossible to root this one, this sucks...:(
  5. jiggabyte

    jiggabyte Member

    That's rough :( to be honest though, rooting is a little overrated, and performance should be more or less the same. The only big reason I rooted was to backup my apps with titanium. In theory Gingerbreak should work with anything older than gingerbread but you know how Murphy's law goes. If there's a way to install clockworkmod recovery that would be best. You can backup your firmware incase something goes wrong. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, try the galaxy variant forums on cyanogenmod to see if any walkthroughs would work on your device. Best of luck.
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  6. anon3524

    anon3524 New Member

    Thanks again. Overrated eh? That's what it seems but I just want to see how much of a difference does it make and just want to find out if the games and apps will run any smoother.

    I found some instructions at another forum and might give them a shot since I might be able to have a backup firmware available in case the device goes kaput.

    Will keep you posted or for anyone who has this device (or will get the device once it hits the states) and would like to root it.

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