rooting a SHC-S720c galexy prevail

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  1. calirefugee

    calirefugee Member

    i have a straightalk version of the samsung galexy prevail shc-s720c my question is will one of the methods ive seen on here work or how do i go about rooting it ,and backing up what i have ,firmware version is 2.3.6 baseband s720c.01 vli02 i dont know what else to include any help would be greatly appreceated as ive spent half the night on google to no avail

  2. cwhatever

    cwhatever Life Goes On Guide

    My guess is it won't work! It is a different version, therefore not compatible with what we use. Unless someone knows different I wouldn't try it, could brick your phone!
  3. VoltronMaximus

    VoltronMaximus Well-Known Member

    What you have is the Proclaim, not the Prevail. On this site, it hasnt really got too much support. You should be able to find root instructions on the XDA forums or Good luck ninja:D
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  4. calirefugee

    calirefugee Member

    thank you for the correction its been a long week and have been out of it
  5. SParker40

    SParker40 Well-Known Member

    theres also the samsung galaxy precedent that looks almost exactly like the prevail too. Thats a straighttalk phone also and I rooted it and flashed cm7 to it with Clockwork Mod by using the .ops from the precedent and everything else from the prevail since they are very similar phones. As long as you dont make a mistake using odin by using the wrongfiles to flash you can get your phone back to stock and start again. If you flash the wrong files with odin it can brick your phone. All I did was use the .ops for the precedent and followed the book like I was modding a prevail and it all worked the first time.Good luck to ya.
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