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Rooting and Installing custom ROMs

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  1. deeagraw

    deeagraw New Member

    After using Galaxy S for almost 2 years, finally i have decided to root it and install the latest ICS firmware.

    I have no idea about what rooting is and how to install custom ROM.
    Can any one help me out or point to me a link with step by step instructions.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums!:)

    I have moved your thread to the "all things root" section of this forum so that others with knowledge of rooting can post in this thread.
    There is also a lot of basic rooting help posted above, in the "stickies" of the "all things root" forum that should help out a lot.
    Good Luck, and Have Fun!
  3. Pebcak

    Pebcak Member

    I guess my first question is why do you want to root it then if you don't know what rooting is?
  4. Rash

    Rash Well-Known Member

    What firmware are you on.check settings > about phone..
    You will need to use Odin software to flash/update root file for your firmware.. Once you have root you can install cwm recovery..
    I can post links for xxjvu firmware & it's root process ;)

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