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rooting and new roms for betouch e110

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  1. cyril008

    cyril008 Member

    I have searched the whole net for roms for this phone...nothing found...somebody please start offf....

    did root my phone with universal androot......

    now trying partion of sd card and apps 2 sd...not succssful till now:mad::mad:

    bluetooth is a real maadddd thing..no file transfer possible....

    get all apps .apk needed from ipmart.. no links or details i will giv....

  2. heyvinzhere

    heyvinzhere Member

    you can use bluetooth file transfer app to use bluetooth.. download it from medieval.it
  3. heyvinzhere

    heyvinzhere Member

    i am also using this phone and i think only a few people in world use this phone.. if u find any recovery image that works with this phone, please post it here..
    am new to android nd am studyin it..
  4. cyril008

    cyril008 Member

    bluetooth transfer is not working 4 me..how to use it..no roms till now post a request at xda...and how to enter recovery mode
  5. heyvinzhere

    heyvinzhere Member

    bluetooth transfer is working just fine for me.. you can go into recovery mode by pressing volume up + call key and power on the device.. keep pressing it until the phone turns on..
  6. icefusion

    icefusion New Member

    Does anyone know if there is an Android 1.6 ROM on the horizon for this phone?

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