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Rooting and new SD card Question

  1. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

    I rooted my phone the other day and today my SD card was acting up. I had another 8gb card that I swapped in there. Will it have any effect on my root and do I need to do anything to it. Or can I just go on like normal?

  2. uminchu

    uminchu Well-Known Member

    Just copy the old data to the new card. Assuming you get good copy, it should work seamlessly.
  3. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

    The thing is I do not want to copy all the items I have on my old card. Do you know what files or folders I would need to copy over?
  4. t0ast3d

    t0ast3d Well-Known Member

    Anyway you could list the folders?

    I could tell you what can be and shouldn't be.
  5. uminchu

    uminchu Well-Known Member

    You need a lot of it. Most apps write important data to the card. Your nandroid backups are stored there, backup app data, utilities, histories; if you've bought premium versions of free/paid apps, the license info is on the card, etc. It's impossible to answer your question without your phone in hand to examine, and even then, I myself don't have sufficient expertise to state definitively what you need to keep and what you don't.

    You can safely decide which photos, videos, and download files you don't need and get rid of those, but I'd advise caution in that you're better off copying too much of the rest than not enough.
  6. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

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