rooting Bell GT-I9000M GINGERBREAD.GKG3

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  1. solm001

    solm001 New Member

    There are many methods to rooting 2.3.3 posted out there (gingerbreak, superoneclick, etc.).

    I haven't found one to work with GINGERBREAD.GKG3.

    Then there are a few other, sometime conflicting ways to accomplish the same by flashing different ROM, kernel, etc. Don't want to end up with a brick.

    What would be the least risky and simple way to root my Bell GT-I9000M GINGERBREAD.GKG3 ?


  2. Shine.

    Shine. Well-Known Member

  3. AnonymousAce

    AnonymousAce New Member

    (sorry first post can't put links in)

    I used it for one time root to unlock my Virgin locked phone. Had to mess with nv_data.bin as the /dev/block/bml3 trick failed to give me a working code.
  4. AnonymousAce

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  5. Black Rose

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  6. mackendw

    mackendw New Member


    I cannot seem to get CWM to work with the Bell Samsung Galaxy S I9000M device using this kernel. The kernel will install and boot up and it is rooted, ie: after I install the superuser app and terminal app I can do su to root no problem.

    However, when I install the ClockworkMod app, and flash it to the ROM and reboot into it, it is still using the "stock" 3e recovery image.

    What am I missing here? pls help :)

    W. MacKenzie

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