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Rooting benefits

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  1. yakuzado

    yakuzado Member

    Ok guys, so i recently i just start rooting my galaxy w. Despite being told about numerous benefits of it, i stll cant seem to find the app or something that suits the description.

    For example:
    Faster performance-what are the software that you need in order to upgrade you system performance or just by simply rooti you get that benefits?

    Removing bloatware/junk-stock roms that come with your android phone will have this junk that make your memory insanely low. Any idea what is the software to do this?

    Rom- this are the common term for most of android users. Can someone explain to me benefits of rom, disadvantages of rom, and how to get(i use galaxy w)

    Simple says, can any of you list other benefits of rooting that i didnt mention and list the suitable software for future reference. Thanks in advance

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    These questions are better asked in the Galaxy W - All-Things-Root sub-forum, so I'll move the topic to there.
  3. kalpet89

    kalpet89 Active Member

    There are several apps for root users like:

    Root Explorer - Access all your system files
    Superuser - Any app that needs root privileges will ask for permission
    Titanium Backup - Best app for backup everything
    SetCPU - Control the speed and behaviour of your CPU
    ROM Manager - Install custom ROMs from your device, update your clockworkmod recovery easily etc.

    Faster Performance: You don't get a faster system when you root your device, you need to use software for this like SetCPU or install a custom ROM.

    Removing bloatware/junk-stock roms: This can be done when you install a custom ROM(there are lots of them) like cyanogenmod or darkys or MIUI etc. or by simply deleting the stock apps you don't want from your device's application manager.

    ROM: When you install a custom ROM your phone is usually faster, sometimes better looking and with some ROMs your phone will have more functions that stock ROMs doesn't have. I can't think of any disadvantages when you install a custom ROM, maybe the only disadvantage is that you lose your device warranty.

    You can get custom ROMs from:
    - [ROM] Cow ROM: Moar RAM (359MB), Moar Speed (1.8Ghz) - xda-developers
    - [ROM] Cow ROM v7 (Bionic Cow 2) - xda-developers
    - [ROM][ICS][IMM76D] CyanogenMod 9 ALPHA (Build 1) - xda-developers
    - [ROM] Optimized Kezra V4 Final [Android 2.3.6, Custom .35 Kernel, V6 Supercharger] - xda-developers

    If you install a custom ROM and then you want to go back to stock, download the stock ROM from SamMobile.com | Everything for your Samsung Mobile | SamMobile

    I hope this helps.
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  4. yakuzado

    yakuzado Member

    At last. Answer that i waited. This is a really helpful answer that i want. Thanks a lot. Btw, i will wait for a while to understand this ROM thing. because it is a bit too much for a newly-user like me to do such thing. maybe will read couple of post about this rom before deciding to upgrade to custom rom. by any chance, have you tried all 4? cause i would like to install most stable custom rom. thanks
  5. kalpet89

    kalpet89 Active Member

    I didn't try any of them, I don't have this device, but I think the most stable release is this one: [ROM] Optimized Kezra V4 Final [Android 2.3.6, Custom .35 Kernel, V6 Supercharger] - xda-developers

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