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    The exploit is called Revolutionary and it is packaged by the unrevoked and AlphaRevX teams. Here is the official page for the exploit: Revolutionary

    Please read this guide thoroughly before attempting this.
    i'm not responsible for bricking your phone and ROOTING YOUR PHONE WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

    How to use this guide
    hint: click on the show button below.
    Congrats now you know how to use this guide. now get your root on!:D

    update: 05/2012 there has been another update (most likely the last) it is for gingerbread 2.3.5, software 5.07.651.1 Do not accept it. Fortunately it does not change the hboot. you will still need to use the to root your phone.

    update: 1/19/2012 there has been a new ota out. it is for gingerbread 2.3.5, software 4.67.651.3. Do not accept it. if you do then this guide will not work.
    please use this guide:

    for further details please scroll down the guide to the OTA section.

    Before Rooting

    things you will need to do:
    • first thing to do is read the Revolutionary S-OFF & Recovery tool wiki
    • download the htc drivers:HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe and install it onto your computer.
    • *do a factory reset on your phone go into phone settings/ sd storage/factory data reset. you will also loose all of your contacts and other data like text messages. so make sure that you backup accordingly. App List Backup or SMS Backup & Restore are good apps to use. also make sure your phone's contacts are linked to google which backs up your contacts to the cloud. when you sync with google again your contacts will be back. Another good app to use is MyBackup Pro It pretty much backs up everything for you. check it out.(optional)
    • *reformat your sd card by backing up the content of your card to the computer and in your phone go to settings/sd storage/unmount sd card/erase sd card.(optional)
    • make sure your phone has usb debugging on. go to phone settings/applications/development/check usb debugging
    • download this and put this file, Superuser-3.0.7-efgh-signed on the root(not in any folder) of your card via usb cable.
    • make sure that htc sync is uninstalled and also any anit-virus prgrams you have running on your computer is turned off.
    • also if you have pda net or doubletwist installed on your computer uninstall them.
    • and last but not least make sure that fastboot is unchecked. phone settings/applications/ uncheck fastboot.

    *optional but recommended because you want to get the phone as clean as you can before rooting it. it is not necessary.​

    On to Rooting your EVO!!!!!

    1.go here Revolutionaryand download the revoltionary file and extract it somewhere on your desktop.
    2.connect your phone to the pc and select charge only. the executable revolutionary file. it is the only file that is named revolutionary. will detect your phone's specific serial number. use that to generate the beta key on the revolutionary website.
    5.enter the beta key in the revolutionary dos window on your computer. people have been reporting that the key is invalid. if this happens, the icon on the upper left of the DOS command window is a drop-down button that will let you get to the edit option that allows you to copy/paste between DOS and a window. so just copy and paste the key in. should then run and do its thing.
    7.when it finishes it will ask you if you want to download and install clockwork mod recovery, select yes.

    next we need to go and verify that you have s-off and if you have recovery bootloader by using the up and down vol. buttons and using the power button to make a selection.
    9.on the hboot screen at the top it should say s-off, if it does then congrats!

    next we need to flash the superuser file (superuser recovery in bootloader. install .zip from sdcard.
    12.find the superuser file and flash it.

    time to make a nandroid backup.
    13.still in recovery go back to the main menu backup and restore. backup.
    16.after it is done you can reboot.

    now a lot of people are reporting that revolutionary stops in the middle giving you s-off but with no recovery (you get a red triangle with an exclamation mark). reboot the phone (or pull the battery) and rerun revolutionary. it will ask you if you want to download clockwork mod. select yes and it should work the second time.


    For Those Who have Macs:
    thanx EarlyMon!!!!

    ________________________After Rooting______________________​

    Life After Root

    ok so you are rooted so now what?

    here are some apps that you can now use, now that you are rooted.

    what about bloatware you ask? well some of the apps are safe to delete. you can go here to see the list:xda-developers - View Single Post - [WIP] /system/app APK's - Safe to remove list and functions now this list is from froyo so some apps are missing from the list. if you are going to delete apps i would use titanium backup and freeze the apps first.

    DO NOT USE ROM MANAGER it is very buggy and creates more issues then it is worth. i would do everything manually in recovery. also this is a good way to get to know your recovery. you never know when something happens and all you have is recovery. as long as you have a working recovery you can pretty much get out of any trouble.​

    So what is a recovery and why do i need one now that i am rooted? in recovery that is where the magic happens. it is where you will flash roms and make nandroid backups as well as restore them. it is basically a mini os. your phone basically consists of three parts. it consists of android(gingerbread), bootloader(hboot), and finally your recovery os.

    roms and flashable .zip files use scripts to tell recovery how to install the file. there are basically two kinds of scripts used. one is amend and the other is edify. most roms and flashable zip files use amend scripting. the problem is that clockwork mod 3 and higher do not support amend scripting. only clockwork mod 2.6, amon ra 2.3 and teamwin's trwp has support for both amend and edify.

    Switching Recoveries

    speaking of recovery i would really recommend that everyone switch to amon ra 2.3. it is a much better recovery then clockwork mod. you can get the recovery here:PC36IMG RA
    here are the instructions: the file.
    2.rename the file by erasing the "_RA_2.3" part of the name so that it is only named PC36IMG. make sure not to add ".zip" to the name as windows hides extensions.
    3.transfer the file to the root (that means not in any folder) of the sd card.
    4.power off (you most likely need to uncheck fastboot. settings/apps/uncheck fastboot.) then press and hold power+vol down.
    5.hboot should see the file and select yes to update. no to reboot because we want to go into recovery and make a nandroid backup. recovery. backup and restore and select backup
    9. select the first three and wimax. the other partitions do not need to be backed up. always keep one nandroid backup with wimax keys backed up on your computer. you can reboot.
    11.using a file manager of some sort or even through your computer via usb, you should rename or delete the PC36IMG file on your card. otherwise you will be asked to update every time you go to the hboot screen. you do not need that file any more.

    you can get older versions of clockwork mods and amon ra here:Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire.
    also there is a new recovery from teamwin :TeamWin Recovery Project (twrp) v1.0.3


    what are nandroid backups and why are they important? well nandroid backups are a complete snapshot of the current state of your phone. it will save everything (contacts, apps and its data, emails and text messages, and any other mods or settings you have on your rom). think of nandroid backups as a safety net. if anything goes wrong or if you change your mind on a rom you do not like, you can always go back and restore a previous nandroid backup. just remember that anytime you make any changes to your phone always make a nandroid backup.

    also to save space keep only a few nandroids on your card. nandroids can be pretty big depending on the rom and what you are backing up. and you can rename your nandroid backups. just make sure not to have spaces or weird symbols in the name.

    when doing a nandroid backup in amon ra, make sure to keep the first three checked then check wimax (you do not need to do this all the time.) just keep one nandroid backup with your wimax keys backed up on your computer. the rest of the time when doing nandroid backups, you can just backup the first three in amon ra. also if you have your sd card partitioned (see the Partitioning and Moving Apps to the Card section for the how to's) you should select sd ext as well. this wiil also backup all your apps.

    clockwork mod will backup wimax automatically.

    one of the things you can do to help keep your nandroid backups organized is to rename them. but in order to do that you have to know where to find them. in amon ra recovery they are found in the nandroid folder that is created on the sd card. in clockwork mod they are found in the clockwork mod folder. for amon ra there is a sub folder that is phone specific. mine is named: HT0CVHL01139. inside this folder is your nandroid backup. it should look like:BDES-20120323-0530.

    now to rename them, you can rename them to anything that you like, just do not use any weird symbols and do not use spaces within the name. for me i usually just rename them by deleting the BDES part and insert the name of the rom it belongs to. for instance CM7-20120323-0530 could be a name of one of my nandroid backups. also if you notice the numbers correspond to date and time.​


    this is all good, but how do i flash a rom or kernel?

    good point so here is what you do to flash a rom:
    1.first you need the vr superwipe:
    download it and put it on your card. (optional)* the rom of your choice and transfer it to your card.
    3.go into recovery
    4.make a nandroid backup wipe from the main menu and wipe dalvik cache, cache, and data install (or flash depending on which recovery you have) zip from sdcard
    7.find the superwipe file and flash it.(optional)
    8.find your rom and flash it.

    first boot will take a bit longer then normal, so be patient. ​

    *the vr superwipe is an optional step, but i would recommend that you use it. it wipes system, cache, and boot. it wipes those three times. then it wipes the temp files and does that three times. i would not only use this tool to wipe. it should be done in addition to wiping data, dalvik cache and cache. one last thing about superwipe, this will only work with those that have support for amend scripting. only clockwork mod 2.6, amon ra 2.3, and trwp will work. so if you have clockwrok mod 3 and higher you might want to switch recoveries.​

    to flash a kernel the kernel and place it on your card.
    2.make a nandroid backup
    3.wipe dalvik cache and cache. there is no need to wipe data or to flash the superwipe when flashing kernels. "install zip" and find and select your kernel

    now you have a new kernel. and to get the most of your new kernel look into getting SetCPU for Root Users, this app will allow you to over and underclcok your phone and it will allow you to set your cpu governors which sets how fast the cpu speed gets scaled up or down to the desired settings. some governors also has a screen off profile which can also help save battery life. for more on setcpu read this guide:

    here is a great guide by fellow AF member argedion:

    Roms, Kernels, Themes and More


    ok so now you know how to flash a rom, so now where do i go to get them? there are a bunch of places that you can go to get your roms. there is a thread here in this forum ROMs and Kernels Download Page check it out. also check out the xda development forum:EVO 4G Android Development - xda-developers. make sure that you read the dev's op as it will tell you the download instructions as well as give you what is in the rom and some of its features. the main idea is to know what you are flashing before flashing the rom.

    there are two main types of roms that are out there. there is aosp (android open source project)roms then there is sense roms. sense roms are the roms that most people are familiar with. it has the familiar sense launcher that htc installs on all of their phones. while aosp is pure android. it has no sense launcher. depending on the rom it will use a launcher like adw or launcher pro.​

    what are kernels? basically kernels communicates with and adjusts the voltage between the hardware(battery) and software(either sense or aosp) of your phone according to frequency. how much voltage a kernel decides to provide to and from your phone and at what frequency will depend on the type of kernels.

    all roms comes with its own custom(usually stock) kernel. they are like roms in that they come in two types. one is for sense roms and one is for aosp roms. they can't work on both. so like roms you need to checkout the changelog to see what is going on with kernels and what was updated. also gingerbread roms needs a kernel designed for gingerbread. the froyo kernels will not work on gingerbread.

    one last thing on kernels and that is that not all kernels will react the same way on every phone. what works for me may not work for you. the only true way to know is to make a nandroid backup and flash the kernel. give it a few days for it to settle in before deciding if the kernel works or not.

    you can get the kernels from the xda or the rom/kernel download page. you can read more on kernels in the KERNELS For Dummies

    ok so i want to theme my phone. are there themes i can flash? yes there are a lot of themes out there that you can just flash from recovery. head on over to EVO 4G Themes and Apps...xda. and don't forget to read the op for installation instructions. just keep in mind that most of the themes are rom specific. when you flash a theme all you need to do is wipe dalvik cache and cache and flash the theme.​

    Partitioning and Moving Apps to the Card

    the issue is that the evo has a small amount of ram on the phone. not sure what htc was thinking when designing the evo. but there is the apps2sd that can be sort of helpful. when you go to settings/applications/manage apps and then move the apps to the sd card, you are using apps2sd. it moves the apps to the sd card, but it only moves part of the app to the card. the other part is still left on the phone. that is why you can't use any widgets attached to the app when it is moved to the card.

    so what is taking up all of the ram then? well your phone, as it is, has the dalvik cache which the phone uses to load any executable files that it needs. and then there is cache where your temp files are stored. of course there is your apps. and finally there is the stock rom with sense 1.0. so you can see how fast your ram will disappear.

    the only way to get around this is to be rooted. the custom roms that are out now are much smaller and faster then the stock rom. plus you can partition your card and use a2sd which is different then apps2sd. a2sd moves the entire app to your card. the only thing left on your phone is a symbolic link that tells the phone where to find the app on your card. it saves a ton of ram by doing this. just to give you an idea i have 160 apps with still 250mb left!

    there are two types of a2sd scripts. one is cm a2sd and the other is darktremor a2sd. usually if a rom has a2sd cooked in, it usually has cm a2sd. when you flash your rom your apps when restored with titanium backup will automatically be move to the sd card. with darktremor a2sd, you would first need a rom to have support for it, and then you need to flash darktremor into the rom. once flashed then you can manually push the apps to the card by using terminal emulator to enter the commands.

    you will need a higher class card to do this, preferably a class 6 or higher. the higher class card is need especially if you use intensive apps like games and such. the reason is that since the apps are on the card the phone then needs to read and write on the card as the app runs. so if you have a slower card your apps will suffer.

    Partition Your Card

    it is recommended that you do this before trying to flash a rom.
    so here are the directions on how to do it:
    1.copy your content of the card to a computer because partitioning will wipe the card's content.
    2.go into recovery and select partition your sd card
    3.enter 32 for swap, and 1024 or 2048 for ext2, and do the rest for FAT upgrade ext2 to ext3 usb-ms toggle and transfer your contents of your card on your computer back to the card.
    6.go to the main menu and do a full wipe (min data, dalvik cache and cache)
    7.flash the superwipe
    8.flash the rom of your choice.

    from now on it is recommended you wipe dalvik cache, cache, data and sd ext.before flashing roms. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT SELECT WIPE SD CARD as it will do just that. your card will be erased. also make sure that when making a nandroid backup to select sd ext to be backed up as well.​

    How to Install Darktremors the file:Version Beta 04
    2.transfer the file to the card.
    3.wipe dalvik cache and cache and flash the file and reboot
    4.getAndroid Terminal Emulator from the market
    5.type in the command su and enter. the superuser app will then give permission.
    6.then type a2sd reinstall. this will move your apps to the ext 3 of the card.
    7.the phone will then reboot
    8.type su again and enter
    9.type a2sd cachesd. this will move the dalvik cache to the ext3 on the card.
    10.the phone will reboot again.

    if you want more commands for darktremor here is a list:Darktremor Apps2SD Command Line Help | Facebook
    here is the original thread: [Script][A2SD]Darktremor Beta 04 [Evo] (01/29/2011) - xda-developers

    Troubleshooting (thanx Rxpert83)
    This guide is brought to you by Rxpert83.


    yay! i have s-off but what if i need to get my phone serviced? or i hate all this rooting business and i want to go back to my boring gingerbread phone. how do i get s-on?

    ok so i will start this thread by saying thanx to captain throwback, football, thefredelement.

    so here goes.
    here are the files you will need:

    step#1 install hex edited hboot
    there are two ways you can do the next step which is to flash the hex-edited hboot. you can do it either by android flasher or from the bootloader. either way is just as easy so i will let you decide which one to use. but here are the instructions for both:

    option A: android flasher
    well with android flasher, you can flash radios, your splash screen, recovery as well as hboot. you will need to extract the .img file from the .zip file.

    so here is what you will need to do: android flasher from here:
    AF Downloader

    2.and extract it to someplace on your desktop where you can find it. the hboot 6.17 file.

    4.extract the img.file and place it some where you will be able to find it. android flasher

    6.go to the bootloader slot and select browse and then navigate to the hboot 6.17 img file you just extracted. it and make sure that you check off bootloader.

    8.then at the very bottom select flash

    option B:through the bootloader the hboot 6.17 file.

    2.rename the file by deleting everything except for PC36IMG and do not add any zip to the name as windows hides extensions.

    3.transfer the zip file to the root of the sd card that means not in any folder.

    4.power off (make sure that fastboot is turned off) then press and hold power+vol down.

    5.hboot should scan for it. select yes to update.

    if for some reason you can't get s-on after flashing the hboot 6.17 file then
    here is the instructions:
    step#1 we need to first flash the radio
    1. download the radio file and move it to the sd card.

    2. then boot into recovery (power+vol down).

    3. select install from sdcard and select the radio file. will need to flash the s-on tool found here:

    5.move it to the sd card. (no need to rename it)
    6.go to recovery (power+vol down) flash zip from sdcard then navigate and select the s-on file.

    now you should have s-on, proceed to step #2 to get you back to stock

    step#2 we need to get a stock rom and stock recovery

    1.reboot your phone if not already and connect it to computer via usb cable.

    2.delete the previous PC36IMG file from the sd card, if you used the bootloader method mentioned above.

    3.rename the downloaded file (4.54)to PC36IMG. again make sure that you do not add a zip as windows hides extensions.

    4.transfer the file over to the root of the sd card meaning not in any folder.

    5.power off then press and hold power+vol down.

    6.hboot should see the file and will ask you to update, select yes.

    congrats you are now unrooted!:D

    you can also use this ruu:RUU_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.54.651.1 to get you the latest ota stock rom and stock recovery. just connect the phone via usb and run the exe file on your computer.

    OTA's (Over the Air)
    Ok so we just had an update a few months back called gingerbread. and as many of you guys know it closed the previous exploit so that rooting was not possible until now. so what do we do when the next ota (if there is another ota)is released? DO NOT ACCEPT THE OTA. it could really make a mess out of your phone. or it could even unroot your phone and then you will have to wait again for a rooting process as the ota will most likely close the previous exploit. this also goes for any rooted phone regardless if it is an evo or not.

    so how do we get updated then if we are rooted? well usually the devs will get a hold of the source code for the ota earlier then the actual release. so all we would have to do is flash a rom with the latest update ota and we are updated.

    please read this:

    Links and Guides:


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    Keep getting invalid beta key...entering it exactly as it appears when given...any ideas?
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  4. baltravens96

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    keep getting invalid beta key...i followed the steps exactly get the key from revolutionary form enter it in exactly as it appears and it says invalid beta key aborting
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    ok moved your post here. try running it again. and read the op
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    Thank you so much for this guide.. now to go root for the first time ever :D
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    yea did it and keep getting invalid beta key..tried reinstalling revolutionary and all keep getting same message....
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    ok so heres my problem, ive done this whole process, i do have s-off i have created a nandroid backup but i do not have Super User, and clockwork doesnt work because of the lack of superuser so i dl'd the market superuser and it is not working so i have no rom to upload :( I WANT CM7!!!
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    sorry guys i changed some steps around.
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    are you typing everything correctly? forgive me but i have not tried this yet. i may just unroot my phone and reroot it with this method.
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    i am getting invalid Key press nearly any key to abort
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    yes im entering it exactly as it is presented....
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  13. baltravens96

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    yes im entering everything exactly as it is presented
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  14. baltravens96

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    im getting the same thing haven'' figured out how to get fixed
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    not sure what you clockwork does not work? what happens? it must have worked as you made a nandroid.

    try installing amon ra 2.3 as your recovery:
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    You may also want to add to the writeup that you need to flash the from Recovery (install zip from sd card) to obtain superuser access per the Wiki
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    do not use rom manager do everything in recovery. it has been known to be very buggy.
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    ok so right now i have s-off with NO superuser permissions how do i just get CM7 on here and running?
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    @ocnbrze hey i found this on the WiKi "Does Revolutionary give me root?
    No. You will need to flash this zipfile from recovery."
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  21. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator cm7 on to you card
    2.go into recovery
    3.make a nandroid backup
    4.wipe dalvik cache, cache, and data install .zip from sdcard
    6.find cm7 and flash it
    1st boot will always be the longest so be patient.
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    Just wanted to report a success here - I'm rooted! Thanks to all involved!!
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    nice i will add this to the op.
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    if it is saying invalid beta key....copy the beta key and then in the revolutionary window click in the upper left hand corner and paste the beta key it will then accept it
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    I was just going to post that!!! You may want them to DL the super user sooner then the step you put it on because it's a little easier that way!!

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