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  1. johnmwc2

    johnmwc2 Member

    Hi, I am new to rooting, but have managed to root my machine GT-18190N, and almost brick it too, and managed to get it back working. I did want originally to be able to get it back to Stock, as its still in guaruntee but I have gven up on that now. Both rooting ROMs were not able to pick up my Service provider for the UK, and only Pick up the US based T-Mobile UK, which was causing a problem. What I was wondering was, is the a root system that is able to pick up the UK providers such as Orange or EE. U had one, that I really liked which was looked really good, but it still only managed to pick up T-Mobile UK, which isnt my service provider. I need a root that can pick up if its possible the things that are added in the GT-18190n series.

    Can somebody help?

    Thank you


  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Rooting is getting administrative access to the operating system, it has nothing to do with the radios in the phone.

    You evidently also flashed a US-based ROM, which is causing your problem. Find a UK-based ROM for the phone, flash that and see if it helps.

    (Flashing a ROM is not rooting, although just about all ROMs you'll flash are, in fact, rooted.)
  3. johnmwc2

    johnmwc2 Member

    Thank you for the message, I have no idea what you are talking about radios, so can you explain that please?

    Ok, from your answer, I need a ROM that is UK based, so I can pick up my service provider, which is basically what my question was but this my first time doing this, does anybody know of a ROM that will do it?
  4. johnmwc2

    johnmwc2 Member

    Please can somebody help? I am pretty certain there are UK people out there that have ROMs that work with UK providers.

    One question, I habe the GT-18190N are there any ROMs that incorporate the things the N version has like NFC?

    Just wondered.
  5. johnmwc2

    johnmwc2 Member

    Ok, just an update, I found a website that did have a ROM for EE, rooted the phone, but when I went to flash the ROM it kept saying Installation cancelled. For the moment, until I can find out any more information about UK ROMs I'm having to use a US based ROM called DModV6 which is ok, and works but its having problems with my carrier. Can anybody else point me in the direction of a UK based ROM, for EE or Orange. Thanks,
  6. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste Guide

  7. johnmwc2

    johnmwc2 Member

    Hi, thanks for the URL. I am having a few problems with it though, and one of them is my virus control its going mad as soon as I click on the download link. Its actually banned the who think altogether, windows popping up everywhere, with messages of warning.

    Another problem, only one mirror actually works. The other two dont. Has anybody else had any problems with this download and their virus control.

    The One I need is the BTU, which is for the UK, the one you mentioned is for O2 and I am ee
  8. johnmwc2

    johnmwc2 Member

    Ok, that was a bit of hard work, my VG did not want to download that at all. Eventually, I found a way. Its now downloading. Can I flash it using CWM?
  9. johnmwc2

    johnmwc2 Member

    Tried to flash that ROM, and again, I had Installation aborted could not open zip file. I'm using cwm, does it make any difference. As for the ROM file, I added it by taking out the sd card, and transferring it directly onto the sdcard, not via the phone. Should I be using Odin for this. Thank you.
  10. johnmwc2

    johnmwc2 Member

    It shouldnt be as hard as this......its really doing my head in.......its been almost 12 days now, and I still havent been able to get this fixed. I wont do it again, on any other phone I have.......put me off completely.

    Just out of a matter of interest my Baseband version is AMJ2 does that make any difference?
  11. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste Guide

  12. wobs

    wobs New Member

    How can Iroot my s3 mini GT-8190N tried diffrent ways but cant find software to root any help thanks

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