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  1. anon_s

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    I'm following the below process to root my Optimus One. I'm currently on 2.2.1 and was stuck at this part;

    "Conect your device (do not turn on disk storage) and run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe (Has administrator)."

    How do I turn disk storage off?

    Also is there a more safe, easier way to root this phone? What software do I use to image the current OS?


  2. haroonak

    haroonak New Member

    There is an even better way to root your phone no need to downgrade it to 2.2. Go to XDA and look for Gingerbreak. Happy rooting..
  3. Feeshie

    Feeshie Well-Known Member

    +1 Either use Gingerbreak or downgrade and use Z4Root
  4. hokyuen

    hokyuen New Member

    hi, the link for the telus 2.2 no longer works, and all the sites i've googled use this link, is there any other reliable link i can get this file? THANKS ALOT!
  5. varungnath

    varungnath Well-Known Member

    Please go through this post

    Regarding the 'turning disk off', you will see a command when you connect your Andy with the computer.
    Do get back if you still have trouble with installing the OS. Cheers
  6. theSuda

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