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  1. cvelasco

    cvelasco Member

    Hello, I have been trying to root my android for a little while now, bricked it a few times and have been able to get back to gingerbread 2.3.3. I have gotten it to cm7(2.3.7) but my carrier network was not working so i brought it back down to 2.3.3. when i was able to get ICS on it i got a laying down droid with a red triangle on it, then it constantly rebooted. i'm back at square one with my original 2.3.3.

    when i try the from recovery mode<3e> i get 'failed to verify whole-file signature and signature verification failed, operation aborted'. if i try and root i can get to cwm 5 but the phone won't boot. the vibrant logo flashes and reboots...
    tried and haven't worked 4zroot,one click root,
    I would like to root it and be able to use ICS

    Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant on Virgin Mobile in Canada
    firmware 2.3.3
    baseband version I9000UGKG3
    build gingerbread.gkg3

    your help would so greatly be appreciated.

  2. cvelasco

    cvelasco Member

    Ok, after many more days of attempts i was able to use root it with super one click, by checking the 'use adb' and it rooted.... now to unlock 3e recovery :)

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