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Rooting Lenovo IdeaPhone S720 ( Or Install Google Play )

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  1. dtan58

    dtan58 New Member

    hi im new to rooting i wanted to root because this is a china bought phone and google is not allowed in china so i wanted to install google play store if possible

    If there is a way without rooting my phone and adding google play store would be preferable but if i have no choice and i have to root i will

    THX For Trying To Help Everybody

    P.S: Im in a different country now Philippines

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  2. syed_hussain

    syed_hussain New Member

    Hi dtan.,
    I am from India even I bought the same phone and have thw same problem but you can get .apk files on the net which you can download and install directly on your phone ( which I have done ) and about rooting I am also on lookout how to root my phone hope I could find something or some one could help me on this .. :)
  3. bpm906

    bpm906 Member

    I received my White Lenovo S720 last Saturday and the first thing that I did was Root it.

    I was able to successfuly root it and install a working Google Playstore.

    Wish to share how I did it and hopefully you too can enjoy your nice and rooted Lenovo S720.


    1) Install USB driver.
    - If you already have the USB driver, skip this step.
    - Install Lenovo official "S720 PC" software. This also installs the USB driver.
    - Download the PC software here:
    URL: http://ideaservice.lenovo.com.cn/ProductDetail.aspx?id=678

    2) Root your phone.
    - I tried other rooting software but this is the only one that worked.
    - Following the rooting procedure here:
    URL: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1886460

    3) Install Google Services Framework.
    - This allows you to add a Google account.
    - I can't remember where I downloaded the APK so I attached it instead.

    4) Install modded Google Playstore.
    - Download the modded version of "Google_Play_3.8.17"
    URL: Google Play Store (Android Market) 3.8.17 [Modded] - APKTOP

    NOTE: I used Windows7 to root my phone.

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  4. xxt

    xxt New Member

    Thanks for yout tutorial. Root works but Google Playstore always shows: "Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped"

    I installed Google Frameworks an could add my Google account, but i can
  5. bpm906

    bpm906 Member

  6. bpm906

    bpm906 Member


    I looked into the "Sync is OFF" problem you shared in your previous post and managed to have it enabled on my phone. If I got you right, this might help you.

    Actually, the solution is simple. You just need to check (tick) the "Sync Gmail" option in:
    Settings-> Accounts & sync-> Sync Settings -> Sync Gmail

    I've attached some pictures on my Account settings for reference. Hope this helps.

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  7. xxt

    xxt New Member

    Thanks for your reply to my post. I can sync gmail and the contacts, but i can not sync google calendar.

    It always shows: "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly"

    The colored LED in the front doesn
  8. dryice213

    dryice213 Member

    Good day! To bpm906 or to any one of you subscribing this thread, I'm from the Philippines and I would like to ask if you have links or can you upload an attachment for ENGLISH supported version of Lenovo official "S720 PC" software?I'm having a hard time looking for one.When I tried to install the installer from bpm906's link it told me that the installer is Chinese only language supported. My phone is 6 days old (+8:00 GMT) and as you can see it's not yet rooted. I'm hoping for your immediate reply/help. Thank you in advance and God Bless! :questionmark:
  9. bpm906

    bpm906 Member

    I didn't have the English version of the software. My sole purpose of installing the PC software, albeit Chinese version, was to have phone driver installed on my computer in order to root the phone.
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  10. dryice213

    dryice213 Member

    ok.i see.i have misread your previous post. what I've downloaded was the apk. file. Can I request for a mirror of the PC suite file here? I'm having a hard time downloading the file from the original source. Maybe you could help me have a copy too. Thanks a lot for an immediate reply. God Bless! :)
  11. bpm906

    bpm906 Member

    Here you go... Click HERE to download.
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  12. dryice213

    dryice213 Member

    Thanks for sharing,but then I can't manage to use the installer because of the language. I thought there is an option for language settings. Anyway thanks again! :D
  13. bpm906

    bpm906 Member

    I was very clear that I don't have the English version. Again the purpose of the installation is to make sure that driver is loaded in your computer. There's no intent to use the PC Suite whatsoever.

    Now, how hard can the installation be? Easier than a kindergarten exam :D

    There are only two pop-up screens with 2 or 3 buttons to choose from. To make it even easier, I have attached snapshots of the installation process and encircled the button to click during the installation.

    Good luck :D

    Attached Files:

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  14. dryice213

    dryice213 Member

    Ok sir I understand. What I mean in my last post is I already installed the program and then uninstalled it because of its language.I'll just try to root my phone after the warranty is over. I'll go back to your posts here if I'm decided to root my phone. Thank you very much for your concern sir! God Bless! :thumb:
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  15. spowa2012

    spowa2012 New Member

    Just download Z4Root ...Is all you need
    Then find roms to load .. Lenovo in my hands and rooted lol
  16. spowa2012

    spowa2012 New Member

    Sorry and grab titanium backup aswell as supsu
  17. dryice213

    dryice213 Member

    what version did you use?the updated version is 26. I tried to root my phone using the latest version but after following the procedure for normal mode my phone is still not rooted.:confused:

    can you share a link for that?thanks in advance.

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