Rooting method and ROM?

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    So I have had my Droid X for about a month now and I have decided I want to root it. I really would love some suggestions as far as rooting methods as far as what would be the easiest for someone as computer-inept as myself. I am running 2.2.1 so I need something that is compatible with that and I want to keep all the apps and info and things that I have loaded on it but I want to check out new ROM's right now I'm between Apex, GummyJar and Liberty.

    The SmokedGlass ROM sounds appealing as well though which I saw on D2, it looks cool and has an overclock option built in as well as wifi tethering (two things I NEED) plus it looks pretty cool, though it seems complicated. Is there anywhere that someon could point me that I can find a 100% accurate, concise method to root and apply the latest SmokedGlass ROM for my DX running froyo?

    So please help me find: (a) a super simple step-by-step root method. (b) a step-by-step way to backup my phone 100% in case I screw up or want to un-root (c) a place I can get the latest SmokedGlass ROM. step-by-step, the easiest way possible on my DX running 2.2.1. (Or maybe Apex/GummyJar/Liberty).

    Thanks for helping a nooob. :eek:

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    Okay, after doing some reading I think I have decided on Apex because I read that I won't have to do a wipe with it. My only question is: if I get Apex is overclocking and wifi-tethering included in this ROM like in SmokeGlass? If not, how do I get those two features?
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    Can I root, backup and wait on putting a new ROM and instead just get an overclock app and a wifi-tether app from the market once I'm rooted?

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