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Rooting Motorola Milestone X2 Issues

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  1. jmeador88

    jmeador88 Member

    I have been reading and trying to root my phone for the past 8 hours...I have a Motorola Milestone X2 with Android Version 2.3.6 It is a cdma phone through Bluegrass Cellular, basically I am wanting to use the WIFI tethering, but not pay extra for something I already pay $100 a month for. I followed these Root Motorola Milestone X2 on 2.3.6 exact steps 4 times, and everything seems to work like it says it is, except it says something about my binary su needs updating but fails to do so when I try. Also something about not finding a busy box...I apologize for my lack of intelligence in this stuff, but I have been reading and trying to figure it all out. If I could figure out how to take a screen shot I would post a pic on here showing what is says exactly. I would appreciate any help I can get.

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    What is it that can't find Busybox? If it is an app called Titanium Backup, press the "problems" button to download a copy.
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Chances are that superuser will still work even if it thinks the binary needs updating - I remember a phase where many people got that message but it didn't stop things working. So perhaps don't worry about that until you know it isn't working (e.g. you cannot grant superuser access to apps).

    If you want a simple way to test, open a terminal emulator and type the command:


    That gives your terminal session superuser rights, and the superuser app should pop up and ask you to confirm this.

    Any app that requires root will do for this test - that's just one that came to mind.
  4. Superowl

    Superowl New Member

    FoxFi lets me teather without rooting on my Milestone X2. My provider is able to detect a PC and pops up a screen to sign up for teather fees (like you get in a hotel) however my ASUS TF101 works without triggering action. I have used browser and downloaded app while tethered using FoxFi.
  5. milestonex2

    milestonex2 Member

    Download super user update fixer in the market. It fixed mine. I'm also using the milestone x2 on 2.3.6 and had that same error until I downloaded the su update fixer.

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