Rooting my aria with OTA Froyo

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  1. dotdot.bill

    dotdot.bill New Member

    My apologies if this has been posted already, but I am relatively a total noob with Android, rooting and all the fun details associated with it, but am learning fast... But is there ANY way to root my OTA froyo aria(AT&T) or any way to rollback to 2.1 and root from there??

  2. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    Short answer is No! You could rollback to 2.1, but it does not roll back the HBOOT loader, so you still won't be able to root your phone. You my friend are stuck until a new rootable exploit is discovered.
  3. cgordon74

    cgordon74 Member

    Do we know that anyone is actively trying to come up with a root method?
  4. nyates

    nyates New Member

    I'm also curious about the above post.

  5. cgordon74

    cgordon74 Member

    I really hope that someone is trying to crack this. I would have been better off not updating, the phone was better before.
  6. aria777

    aria777 Member

    1) Set up ADB by following the instructional video at YouTube - ‪ANDROID SDK Tools (How-To Install)‬‏

    2) Gain S-Off by following the instructions at Gain S-Off On HTC Desire, Aria and Wildfire

    3) Format your SD Card

    4) Download Goldcard Helper from the Android Market onto your phone

    5) Enter the Reverse CID at Free HTC goldcard generator | RevSkills and follow the instructions to generate a goldcard

    6) Save the Goldcard image to your Desktop

    7) Go to How To downgrade HTC Hero ROM

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