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Rooting my Neo

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  1. Chayton

    Chayton New Member



    The name is Chayton as you can see I'm new around here and although I have played around with computer modding and all now and then but the thing is my phone is a MUST for me and my schoolwork so I feel a bit double about touching it.
    I apologize if this has been asked before or if there is a guide elsewhere but I'm new to these forums and couldn't find it on the post flagged for my phone (SE Xperia Neo MT15i).

    My Questions:
    1) What are the risks of rooting/flashing my phone given I backup and all?

    2) What is the difference with Rooting by apps, Rooting through PC, Rooting & Flashing?

    2) What are the true advantages of doing this?

    3) Will it help me solve the ridiculous high internal memory cap set on the device ( I got + 50MB free space left but can't download due to "insufficient storage")?

    4) Will it improve performance and more given that I apply the right tweaks?

    5) If possible, could anyone please post a step-by-step guide on how to root this particular device because, as mentioned before, I really NEED this phone and don't want to mess it up.
    Model Number:
    Android Version:
    Baseband Version:
    Kernel Version:
    BuildUser@BuildHost #1
    Build Number:
    I would like to apologize for possible mistakes against the language or forum, English is my 3rd language and I am a total n00b on these forums. Please do not remove my post but move it elsewhere if needed. Anyone who can give me some constructive reply or information be thanked in advance. Also thanks for taking the time to read this, I tried to make it as less repetitive/boring as I could.


  2. Chayton

    Chayton New Member

  3. mahboub

    mahboub New Member

    I recently got Register in this forum to benefit from the experience and all the members
    i have a sony xperia neo with android 4.0.4
    i want to have the camerashpheric (photosphere) like galaxy or somthing like this, but i can't find it or install it
    i googled but in find that i must to have androide 4.2 in my xperia neo
    can you help me and explan me what i will do
    thanks thanks
    my email is: mahboub1978@gmail.com

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