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Rooting neo v with ics os

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  1. sooraj243

    sooraj243 New Member

    Hello all,

    i just bought a sony xperia neo v and i have also updated it to ics.
    Is there any method to root my phone now?:confused:

    Android Version - 4.0.4
    build number - 4.1.B.0.431


  2. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Welcome to AF! I have moved your thread into the All Things Root Section of your phone. Thanks for joining up!
  3. sooraj243

    sooraj243 New Member

    thanks, now can anyone help me out pls.
    After the ics update my phone is getting really slow now n then.. contacts takes nearly 3 seconds to show up.
  4. Pierloha

    Pierloha Member

    Hi Sooraj243, Sony did explain in their blog that we might experience a few glitches such as these and lets face it, Android 4.1 does correct most of these lags, but we poor blokes stuck with ICS have to manage somehow. Anyway, try to switch off your phone every night and switch it on the next morning, the speed of your phone should have improved somewhat. Also, do a hard reset of your phone as some files might have been left over during the update to ICS.

    Btw, I have the same phone as you and faced the same problems. So, I installed a custom ROM on my phone a few days back, overclocked my phone, and the phone is as smooth as ever. If you are ok with rooting the phone, I could guide you through the process (in case you brick your phone... lol)
  5. shugumaran

    shugumaran New Member

    Hi friends, Just now i update my phone from GB 2 ICS(4.0.4) but i can't root my phone. After flashing my phone, I am ready to root my phone... While processing some steps later it shows me waiting for device... Everytime when am connecting the phone... PLS HELP...
  6. Pierloha

    Pierloha Member

    Hi shugumaran, please go thru the posts in this forum before you post a query, it might possible that your query has already been answered in earlier posts.. Anyway, please note that it is not possible to root the phone without a custom ROM. I myself have tried apps like Z4root and Universal Androot, but they don't work on the Neo V (ICS), sadly. Sony have themselves clarified on their blog, that, "The only way to get root access is to flash a custom ROM with root access."

    You can use DooMLoRD's Easy rooting toolkit v3.0 here - [REF][GUIDE][05.05.12]Rooting,BL unlocking,Recovery,Kernel installation[Noob's guide] - xda-developers

    You can also use the latest version of flashtoolkit to root :)
  7. sooraj243

    sooraj243 New Member

    thanks for the info Pierloha,

    i hv already rooted my phone. looking for a good custom rom now. which one should i opt for. please suggest the best rom for my neo v.

  8. Pierloha

    Pierloha Member

    Hi sooraj243, there are a lot of good Roms out there, but IMHO, you could go for Ice cream Pureness or Spacious, smooth and light for 4.0 as they're some of the best I've tested so far. But, if you'd like to go back to 2.3, you could go for spacious, smooth, light 0.62 [ROM][Neo/V][GB] [Not maintained] Spacious, smooth, light 0.62 [06-Apr-12] - xda-developers. It's very smooth, doesn't hang, and it's been odexed. It's also taken from the stock rom so other features like HDMI and camera work perfectly. The performance in games is also very good. Hope I helped.
  9. sooraj243

    sooraj243 New Member


    i hv installed pureness theme nd its really fast and looks good.
    few drawbacks i hv noticed is that, the Rom doesn't have a built in music player which i think is a must have app. the other thing is that i didn't find any automatic screen lock option and also the screen does not goes off even if i set sleep time, i have to manually lock by pressing the power button. is it really like that or is there something i missed??

  10. Pierloha

    Pierloha Member

    Hmmmm.... Sooraj try purchasing Power Amp music player or try using Rocket Player... They're pretty good... I've got both of them installed.. Btw, about the screen lock thingy, I think there is an option in settings where it say "never sleep", just uncheck that option and you should be okay. Btw, I'm writing a new guide to installing a new ROM based on Jellybean, so you can give that a try as well. Kudos

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