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Rooting new Evo

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  1. quietlyloud

    quietlyloud New Member

    Ok I got an evo at the beginning of July and i want to root it but everytime i try to run the unrevoked thing it says it cant run and asks if my firmware is too new??? I'm not really sure if theres any other way i can root it so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated!!

    and if it is needed:
    version 2.3.3
    Build # 4.22.651.2 CL60865

  2. TexasRebel

    TexasRebel Active Member

    Not yet bubba...Just gotta wait till they figure out the new hboot ;( watch for a sticky in three main forum
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  3. TexasRebel

    TexasRebel Active Member

    I'm in the same damn boat btw
  4. Xtremedays

    Xtremedays Well-Known Member

    Currently there is no root exploit for the new hboot version (2.16). Keep checking back here. You will know when they find it.
  5. quietlyloud

    quietlyloud New Member

    Thanks guys. I'll keep checking back for updates!!

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