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  1. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    This is not a rooting guide, or links to rooting faqs. I am writing this because we seem to be having an increased number of people who do not understand what rooting is or what you are doing to your phone. Many of you seem to jump right in without taking the time to read and understand the steps and operations involved. Rooting is not difficult. But there is a chance that you will brick your phone. If you are not confident that you can suck it up or fix it if something were to happen, rooting is not for you.

    There are many many guides and info threads on many different websites (including this one) to explain the process. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THEM!!!! If you do not understand, post A (1) thread and ask questions BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT ROOT. Posting multiple threads and asking the same question over and over is not only difficult, but nearly impossible for us to follow. There are a few folks on here who are extremely knowledgeable, and very very helpful, but in order to help, there must be some semblance of order.

    I understand that many want to root their phones and may be intimidated by the seemingly harsh tone my speech seems to have taken... I mean no disrespect, nor do I want to dissuade those who want to root from doing it. I am just saying that you need to help us help you. KNOWLEDGE is key. Please take the time to read read read and read some more BEFORE you attempt root.

    Remember, We are here to help, and we enjoy it. But you must do your part in learning the process involved. Feel free to post a thread with questions and concerns, but please do your part and learn the root process to the best of your ability before hand.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. ;)

  2. crump

    crump Well-Known Member

    Nice rant.. the key for me was read, read, then read some more. There is so much information out there, if you just take the time and learn what you are about to do to your phone it will make the process so much easier and with less headache. As soon as I got my Shift I knew that I wanted to root but since this was my first Android device (former and current BB user) I waited until I at least had somewhat of a understanding of the rooting process and it's benefits. With that said, I did root within the first week of having my phone but I spent a lot of time in front of a computer reading everything I could find.
  3. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    Wasn't really a rant. I know it comes across as one... I am just trying to get people to understand that information is key. The first phone I rooted took me two months. I was so freakin careful and worried lol. It just seems like some folks jump right in without doing the legwork and that is the most important part. Be informed.... that's all!

    And seriously, I am totally into helping with any problem I can. And I will continue to help. But I just want everyone to understand the importance of being informed.;):D
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  4. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Well said and agreed!

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  5. bnitty

    bnitty Well-Known Member

    where's a link for a recovery zip? my friends Shift gets stuck on the boot loop when trying to go into recovery from ROM manager.

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