Rooting Nook Color and need help!

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  2. shortnsweet8

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    Bump, anyone?
  3. colchiro

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    I replied to your post from 4 days ago with suggestions.

    Yesterday you asked the same question in two different topics in this forum and one in the lounge (where it doesn't belong), so I figured I'd wait and see where you were going to ask it next. :D

    FYI: Cross-posting the same question in multiple forums/topics/areas is frowned in any forum so please just stick with one topic.

    If you flash an image and can't access it from your computer, it failed. You did something wrong... skipped a step, didn't extract the image from the zip file, used the wrong program or something similar.
  4. shortnsweet8

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    The comment you replied to I was able to fix.

    I didn't miss a step or anything with flashing the SD card. I followed the directions step by step two times with two different SD cards.

    Any other suggestions or things I can try for rooting the NC perhaps without using an SD card?
  5. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    If you're running a rooted rom (CM7, CM9, CM10, other custom rom or rooted stock rom), you can flash any rom w/o a card. If you're running the stock B&N rom, you need a sdcard. (You also need a sdcard to root the stock rom.)

    Did you try safely removing the sdcard after flashing it and re-inserting it before copying the files?
    Are you using a usb adapter (usually works best) or plugging the sdcard into a card slot on your computer?

    In the other post, I also asked what version of Windows you were running.
  6. shortnsweet8

    shortnsweet8 Member

    I have tried it on both Win7 and XP. On Win7, it is an SD card slot on the computer. With XP I was using a card reader.

    I did safely remove the SD card after flashing it.

    The Nook is still stock on the B&N rom.
  7. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

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  8. shortnsweet8

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    Success!! I used Win32 this time and had no issues.

    It is now beautifully rooted! Now to just get the good apps!
  9. shortnsweet8

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    Ok new issue. I cannot get the lock screen to enable.

    I have enabled it under the general privacy settings and also within CyanogenMod settings, but it still isn't giving me a lock screen.
  10. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Are you waiting the full minute or so it takes to lock?

    Sorry, can't help you with that. Everything I own has a JB rom.

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