Rooting on g1 build drc92 possible?

  1. Tuptup

    Tuptup New Member

    Hi, Im new here an to the whole rooting thing.
    I was looking at tutorials to root my tmobile g1 but my build is drc92 (donut 1.6) and none of the methods i can find work on that build.

    Any suggestions at to what I should do?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    No, you have to downgrade first. Security hole (which is fixed in DRD92) is used for rooting. The procedure is well described on many forums, I did it personally 2 days ago and everything took 1,5 hour (downgrade, root, recovery, radio, spl, new ROM), you just need card reader.
    Full Update Guide - HTC Dream - CyanogenMod Wiki

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