rooting ORG Droid 2.2.3 Frk76 without a computer

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    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    Hi, I've been stalking every forum I can find for answers on how to root my org Droid 2.2.3 for awhile now with no luck.I like this forum best so I signed up to hopefully get answers to my questions. I'm really new at this ( sorry bout that ) so please bear with me!

    So can anyone please please help me root my Droid.I want it to run faster and take off all the stupid useless preinstalled apps.I looked at all the threads and links but need to know EXACTLY what I need to do, like what I should get first before rooting and detailed step by step instructions for rooting 2.2.3 frk76, I don't wanna ruin my phone. I know there are alot of posts on this and im sorry for making a new one but none of them seem to help. I need someone to confirm a method that works for my phone and how to do it. Someone out there please help. Thanks

    Btw....I do not have a computer and need an easy root ( for newbies like me ) that does not need a computer.....I hope someone will be kind enough to answer my stupid questions
    Thanks again in advance

  2. bigdaddyjoe79

    bigdaddyjoe79 Member

    You need a computer. I used one click easy root for prevail. No issues. Phone runs like a dream. Able to remove all the bloatware I didn't need. Haven't come across a way to root without a computer.

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    Omg someone out there cares thank u so much for just responding ...

    Yeah I'm looking for an easy oneclick way to do it, I do have a computer it's a windows XP but no internet access. I think I've read that you can use a computer without internet to extract stuff to make a root work. Do you know if this is true?

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    Well when I started this thread I guess I should have started the title with " help with " b/c I see many ppl viewing my post but not responding,probably thinking it will tell them how to root and not a question asking how. Sorry about that I want to change my title but can't figure how. Does anyone know how?

    And I still need my rooting questions answered, please someone help if they have ideas
  5. istolvampire

    istolvampire Well-Known Member

    You don't need the internet but you will need the files here

    If you can get a way to download these files to a usb flash drive then you can root without internet access using your XP computer. Maybe you can download them to the phone sd card and send them to the computer but I have never tried this.

    Also if you can reset the phone to be at 2.1(2.0 might work)(not sure if a factory reset will do this) I can send you an app that will root you and then you can flash a recovery with Rom Manager but this app will ONLY work if you can downgrade the firmware to 2.1(maybe 2.0)

    Good luck

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    Thanks to the ppl who responded but I give up. Looks like you can't root 2.2.3 the easy way ( don't get me wrong the link on big daddy's post is very descriptive ) I just can't do it,guess I'm not cut out for this kinda thing. Good luck to those who use it though.
  7. benwalburn

    benwalburn Well-Known Member

    One last thing you could try: download SOC to Droid, move it to computer using USB, run the program, and you're rooted.

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    Which version of soc for 2.2.3? And do I need to download anything else first? And what to dL after,that I need for the root?
  9. benwalburn

    benwalburn Well-Known Member

    The latest should be fine. I don't use it since it doesn't work on Linux, so I don't know version numbers.

    SOC comes with everything you need, so just run it and you will be rooted. But I suggest downloading ROM manager from the market and flashing clockwork mod. If nothing else, back up your system.
  10. NUNNYA

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    OK Ben I installed soc v.2.2, somewhere I read this version worked for someone.What do i do now? I dnt know alot about computers and am new to rooting and programs and all this stuff and just dnt wanna mess anything up. I know you said you dnt use soc ,but thought maybe you could point me in the right direction.
    Btw: I did read the thread about rooting without rsd lite, which was very well wrote out and worked for alot or ppl but just confused me more.
  11. benwalburn

    benwalburn Well-Known Member

    I used it before, so I'll go by memory lol. Install or run SOC (however windows works) and make sure the checkbox for rageagainstthecage is checked. Plug in your Droid, make sure USB debugging is enabled (applications > development > USB debugging) and start SOC. When it's done, you will be rooted. You may need to reboot your phone afterwards.
  12. NUNNYA

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    OK so i want soc on my computer right? I dnt have internet on my labtop but I should be able to transfer it from my phone to computer right? Oh and I guess I downloaded 2.1 not 2.2 soc, I wondering if i should get a newer version but now I can't find where I got it from lol
  13. benwalburn

    benwalburn Well-Known Member

    Try what you have first, less effort if it works lol. Yeah, you can transfer it via the USB cable.

    You can find the newest version at
  14. NUNNYA

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    Well I found 2.2 so guess ill try that first. I'm not sure if it's the newest one tho, tried that link you suggested and it says page not found, know any others to find the newest version?
  15. benwalburn

    benwalburn Well-Known Member

  16. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    Your link is an epic FAIL
  17. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

  18. benwalburn

    benwalburn Well-Known Member

    You're a bit of a jerk lol. All I did was relay information I gathered from other threads and forums. As for my link, it is not a fail, epic or otherwise. Also, the method I described uses both a computer and USB cable, which means you should follow your own advice.

    Also, teddyearp,
    Confirmation of a third method, aka: the one I provided.
  19. NUNNYA

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    Don't worry Ben, Teddy's just pissy and has his panties all tangled up because on another thread I asked for help and said I had no computer. When talking with lovely Ted here after he replied to my post ,I explained that I did have a computer but it had no internet ( at the time I thought it had to ) Anyways ,he informed me of rooting without rsd lite and i looked into it and couldn't figure it out. After searching for awhile I told him I give up and that rooting was not for me. He's just mad I didn't use" his way"and thinks I ask too many questions that have been answered already.

    Oh and Teddy i do realize that there alot of different ways to root and that they are all posted here at the forums, I've read them all thanks. Ben has posted a new suggestion that I thought I would try and even if i end up having to use root without rsd lite, it helps to understand when talking to others that are just trying to help, I thought that's what this forum was for.

    And for future reference, if you don't like someones comments, don't respond to it. Noone likes a jerk!!
  20. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    Sorry, I always come off like a jerk. I feel it's more matter of fact without any sugercoating. Ben the link of yours I was referring to I mentioned was to with on the end of it. At least that's what it shows on my end. Exactly:

    Also in the OP (and the thread title) nunnya was asking for a way to root without a computer and usb cable, or did I read it wrong? And I do stand corrected about three ways instead of just two, SuperOneClick does work~sometimes.

    Nunnya, I don't care which method you use to get your phone rooted. the SuperOneClick still requires your phone and a computer with the proper usb cord between them.

    good luck and glad you are still trying. It's the only way to learn.
  21. NUNNYA

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Im sorry, I may have overreacted a bit.
    Yes ,you are correct, I did at first say I did not a computer,i said this b/c at the time I thought having the internet on the computer was a key factor.See, this is why I'm annoying you with stupid questions, I need help lol.
    Anyways I found out about transfering via the magic USB cable,so I thought I'd give this rooting thing another try, as long as its not to hard lol.
  22. benwalburn

    benwalburn Well-Known Member

    Really? That's odd. For me, it's just Maybe the phandroid app formats links differently or something lol
  23. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    Ahh, that must be it then. And I guess I owe you an extra "sorry" because I could have said your link didn't work instead of calling it "an epic FAIL". It's my posting style sometimes to really come off as a #1 a-hoe.

    nunnya, in the other thread you said you had superoneclick 1.7 so that's a good thing as that is what I read was more reliable for 2.2.3/FRK76. Follow ben's instructions there, but make sure that after you have mounted your sdcard as storage and moved it to your pc, then close the window on your pc that shows your phone and unmount your sdcard as storage on your phone.

    Then before you proceed, make sure you have 'USB debugging' enabled on your phone. How to do it, on your phone go here:

    menu -> settings -> applications -> developement -> USB debugging checked.

    Hopefully that works, however I have to admit I haven't used superoneclick, I have only rooted my droid with the two more intensive and manual methods.

    good luck

    p.s. there really aren't any stupid questions. unless you ask after you got into major trouble because you didn't ask and/or read first, hehe.

    p.p.s. And my posting style is sort of from my "read more, post less" method. My post count is lower than most because I do a boatload of reading of the best methods instead of just posting answers from the hip; hence the quick matter of factness of my style. I will sometimes try to be better.
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  24. NUNNYA

    NUNNYA Well-Known Member

    Finally rooted Ted thanks for the insight. And about reading posts first I did, for like a week I looked at every post on every thread about rooting and got so much diff info but not exact answers. I was just afraid to try without knowing it will 100% work on my phone, I didn't want to brick it. Plus I went into this knowing nothing about roots and programs and such, I just needed a lil one on one time to help me understand the whole process. I joined this forum to be able to ask questiokns about rooting my Droid and now that I have finally rooted ( thanks to u fine folks ) I'll be sticking around to ask more annoying questions about all the cool things i can do with my rooted phonie lol But no really thanks for all your help, you seem to know what your talking about and help alot of ppl.
  25. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    Congrats. Glad you got 'er done.

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