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Rooting Panasonic dL1

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  1. emollusions

    emollusions New Member

    I am trying to root my Panasonic dL1 with Android 3.5

    Been trying following
    Errors: Shell-root could not be accessed.

    Apps I have tried:
    and some other...
    Same error.

    What to do?

    I can not reach root, su or sudo through a local terminal in the phone.

    Is there any way to do something like brute-force, how?
    Any other tips?

  2. davide.balbi

    davide.balbi New Member

    Did u find Any solutions to root The ELUGA dl1?
  3. emollusions

    emollusions New Member

    No, I haven't.
    Still searching loads of forums but haven't seen anyone solving this issue... *sadface*

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