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rooting problem

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  1. spiros__m

    spiros__m New Member

    hi guys just register in your forum. looking for a help about my xpreria U st25i. with ICS So....looking long time for a solution but nothing yet. I want to root my phone it doesnt metter for me with locked or unlocked bootloader but.....i have try this way "root many android" and doesnt work have try many thing doesnt work other. Yes my bootloader can be unlocked but when im plug my phone into fastboot mode after 5 sec maximun turns into norman mode. dont remember what else i have try its so many thing but if you want something to know about all that things i have done ask me ;)..........P.S for them who gives me a solution i will buy a couple of beers :p

  2. Davdi

    Davdi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Unlocking bootloader works perfectly in XP, I had problems in Win 7/8. Yo won't be able to root the phone if your build number is 6.1.1.B.1.54, you'll need to go back to an earlier version, to root successfully you need 6.1.1.B.1.10. That's where I am right now - I can't find the .10 version to download. I'd appreciate a link to download either the B or C .10 firmware so I can get this thing rooted.
  3. Putz Beri

    Putz Beri New Member

    Is there any software can root xperia u??

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