Rooting problems with my htc magic phone dead

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  1. zeusc01

    zeusc01 New Member

    A few days ago I decided to change my 3g htc magic rooting to htc hero room, but in the middle of the process my phone turns off and when I turn on the whole screen was on black as a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on the middle and unresponsive. Practically dead.
    Can someone help?

  2. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    Try flashing it with a HTC Magic ROM - not a Hero ROM though you might now have bricked your phone by flashing a ROM intended for a different device.
  3. zeusc01

    zeusc01 New Member

    Yeah I bricked my myTouch trying to flashing to Hero ROM. Now the phone wont even turn on. When I plug the usb cable to the phone and pc, the pc does not recognize it.

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