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  1. tomringler

    tomringler New Member

    i have been getting low phone storage space alot lately on my optimus c phone. i have deleted my call log, my text messages, and even some apps that i have downloaded and i have a 2gb card in the phone. i was wondering if i should root the phone or what i can do to stop that message from appearing cause when it appears i cant text.

    also is there a way to delete some of the apps or programs that come on the phone that i dont use like twitter, photo bucket, and some of the games

    any help will help this newbee

  2. 0DD

    0DD Well-Known Member

    Well if you root it then you can delete the apps that come with the phone. That'll also free up some space. Also try moving your apps to the sd card if you can. Get apps2sd from the market

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