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  1. itsmyname

    itsmyname Member

    I have an Xperia Arc S, I just bought it a week ago, Sim Free. I really wanted to avoid rooting and flashing it for 2 reasons; 1. Because of Warranty issues and 2. because I'm happy with the current set up.

    However I'm tired of background apps running and hogging up my ram. I don't use Facebook, yet I'm not able to uninstall it because it's an app that came with the phone. I can stop it from running for a bit, but then it it starts running again within a few minutes.

    Because of this, I'm thinking of rooting my phone, because as far as I'm aware, root access enables me to remove these apps.

    But I have a few questions about rooting.

    A) How risky is it? Can rooting "brick" a phone?
    B) Does it void warranty?

    A bit of background information; Bought brand new Sim Free (unbranded and unlocked) bought and live in the UK
    Android Version; 2.3.4, Build Number; 4.0.2.A.0.42 Model Number; LT8i

    I don't wish to unlock bootloader or anything, I just want to get rid of certain apps, or stop it from booting up etc.

  2. itsmyname

    itsmyname Member

  3. syahipul

    syahipul Member


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