rooting san francisco on mac OSX for newbies

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  1. paulgilbert

    paulgilbert New Member

    Total newbie here. I'd like to root my SF (TFT) to be rid of all the ridiculous Orange apps, but the guides I have come across are all for PC users. I'm a complete simpleton when it comes to all things Android and was wondering if somebody knows of a walk through for rooting to 2.2 using OSX?
    Also, once rooted, do I have to re-install all my lovely android apps? thanks!

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums!
    You don't even need a computer, rooting can be done on phone :
    How To Root The Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade

    If you want to update to 2.2 later, follow all 4 step on this webpage (step 2 was rooting already) :
    Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade - Android 2.2, Tutorials, Guides & Tips

    computer is needed just to put downloaded file to sdcard (step 4, ROM flashing), so it will work great on MAC also.

    Theoretically, you can make backup in "Titanium backup" when rooted, but this was not working on my OSF, or make nandbackup in recovery and restore it later (bu I think this will also restore old system). The best will be to use this program to make backup of apps and restore it later :
    APKoptic ~ Android Application v1.0 By Marc Tan | Tools
  3. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    to root, just download Universal Androot from the Market and run :)
  4. Err0r

    Err0r Active Member

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