Rooting the C!

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  1. dsforthman

    dsforthman Member

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  2. dsforthman

    dsforthman Member

    Even though it says it's rooted and you can install "root only" apps, I'm unable to uninstall the default applications.

    Has anyone else tried this and gotten a true root instead of a false positive/partial root?
  3. dsforthman

    dsforthman Member

    Tested Gingerbreak (found here C skills: yummy yummy, GingerBreak! ) and it will root your phone in the same manner that z4root did with my Ascend.

    You will need to install a terminal emulator and input the following to make your /system directory writable:

    Code (Text):
    1. $ su
    2. # mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /system /system
    Then, install a program manager, such as AnTek App Manager Root to remove the system applications. I have safely removed all Cricket software (Account, Mobile Web, Cricket 411, Storefront) as well as the SNS application that provides the LG facebook/twitter apps. I have run in to no problems after doing so, but if you feel like you want to play it safe I would suggest backing your system up.

    I want to play around with some ROMs, but I haven't been able to find the stock ROM online. If anyone knows where this is at, I would appreciate it greatly if you could provide a link to it.
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  4. zhadowzombra

    zhadowzombra New Member

    AS far as I understand to this point Gingerbreak is the only way to root the LG Optimus C, right?

    Can anybody tell me where to put the files i downloaded. Do i put them in the root of the SD card, or how does it work?

    Or can anybody put up a tutorial on how to use it? I am an experienced hacked but i am completely new with androids, help.
  5. alek99

    alek99 Member

    wow no clue never done this before, seems a little complicated, but i will keep watching & hopefully get this bad boy done in the near future :)
  6. dsforthman

    dsforthman Member

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  7. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Congrats you guys on finally getting root! Now where are the ROMs? Lol
  8. alek99

    alek99 Member

    thank u dsforthman for the easy path np gettin it in - thank u , now to figure where to go from here already ran adfree , i want to get some of there factory apps out that i never use though now :)
  9. dsforthman

    dsforthman Member

    No problem. I'm here to help :D

    To get rid of those default apps, there's several root uninstall packages on the market. One of the first things I did was uninstall all the Cricket crap and the SNS program (Facebook/Twitter - I don't have Twitter and the Facebook for Android app on the market supports the chat feature).
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  10. newdlz

    newdlz New Member

    I'm new to this and can't find anywhere where I am supposed to put the apk file in the sd card's directory? Anyone?
  11. newdlz

    newdlz New Member

    Nevermind. Had to get a browser app.
  12. LG-optimus-C

    LG-optimus-C Active Member

    what cricket crap? i rooted it and im trying to delete unwanted and unused apps and bull crap
  13. dsforthman

    dsforthman Member

    There are several application managers for root apps on the market that will let you remove the default Cricket bloatware. Search "Root Required" on the market and I'm sure one will stand out.
  14. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Titanium backup. back up apps+ data just in case you need them back. Be sure not to remove any google apps.
  15. mistermsk

    mistermsk Active Member

    BTW, the rooting does work.

    I use AntTek App Manager Root. I backup then Freeze the Apps. If I have a problem with an app a Restore the backup. Also, nice that you can unfreeze them, too.
  16. SkyRocker

    SkyRocker New Member

    Gingerbreak worked on my Optimus C. Downloaded to the phone from the xda forums, latest version, ran it, it rebooted and I was rooted.

    Worked like a charm.
  17. C1audia

    C1audia Member

    Is there an easier/different way to root the Optimistic C now?

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