Rooting the device

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  1. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    The full rooting guide can be found here :

    Micromax a100 delopment (rom recovery etc) - xda-developers

    Just a note though , this phone comes pre rooted ( YEY !! )
    You can find SU in /system/bin/ already !!
    But seems it does not give permissions for other apps , though you can issue Root commands from A a shell :)

    Also, adb remount works out of box :)

    Though correct me if i am wrong

  2. psbzone

    psbzone Member

    As far as rooting is concern it can be easily rooted/unrooted by Unlock root software .U just need to install adb drivers , connect the phone in usb debugging mode it will detect ur device .Just click root.It will be rooted withing seconds.U can also unroot with this software.Tested myself.Here is the link ......
  3. nightwalker

    nightwalker Active Member

    any custom rom for micromax a100

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