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Rooting the Liquid E - Mac

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  1. Nu2this

    Nu2this New Member


    I'm absolutely new to this whole rooting thing and on top of that I also recently switched over to mac. As a result I am completely lost when it comes to rooting the liquid e and was hoping that anybody could give me directions on what to do and an explanation of what all the different aspects are, for instance, the SDK, the fastboot, the malez recovery, and why they all seem to be needed?

    I know I must seem ridiculous, but all I can find are mindless step by step directions for windows, and I like to have a better idea of what I'm actually doing and like the instructions to be for my OS.


  2. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Going to be honest with you, do not know how to do it on a mac. Don't even know if there is a Mac version of Acer drivers.

    The tools required to root the phone:
    Malez Recovery- A custom recovery image which replaces the stock recovery. A custom recovery image (stock does some of these things but nowhere near all) gives you the ability to root the phone, create full system backups on SD card, flash ROMs/themes (signed or unsigned), partition SD card, enable apps2sd for Eclair (requires compatible ROM and partitioned SD card), factory resets, probably few more things I am missing out. MalezRecovery is a custom image by Malez and is the only custom recovery image available for the Liquid (don't need anything else). The recovery website is here- acer-liquid-malez-recovery - Project Hosting on Google Code

    The Android SDK is the Android Software Development Kit and is required to create applications. You need it installed in order to use ADB (Android Debug Bridge). ADB allows you to control your phone from your computer through the USB cable (using command prompt).

    The main reason you need ADB (which is a very useful tool but in this particular case) is to be able to use Fastboot. Fastboot allows you to control the Bootloader from your computer (in order to replace the recovery image).

    If you can figure out how to enable ADB on your mac, then you should be able to install the custom recovery image and use that to root your phone. A good idea might be to check out this thread- malezRecovery image 0.6 + easy installer - Android @ MoDaCo
  3. Nu2this

    Nu2this New Member

    Yeah I haven't been able to find any mac drivers, but malez and the sdk stuff all come with a mac version. At this point I have the install malez mac shell, the fastboot for mac terminal file, and the sdk stuff all in the mac format. That's why I've been so confused over this past while, the steps to take to get the rooting done all seems to have been made possible on the mac, yet there are no drivers to be found.

    Is it possible that no drivers are needed?
  4. Colinjlyon

    Colinjlyon Member

    does the universal androot apk not work on the Liquid? i have an x10, hopfully not for long, but i just downloaded the universal androot apk right on my phone and it has a super simple "root" and "unroot" button and your done.....

    I too have a Mac ;-P
  5. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Never used it but I have heard that it does.

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