Rooting the Samsung GEM SCH-i100

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  1. So I spent almost a Week reading and researching- trying to find a way to do all of this. I am a Computer Technician, I own My own Business, and before 2 weeks ago I had never operated a droid. That didn't help, but I was determined- Here is how I did it.... I think... :p

    First off, I had downloaded the Android SDK- I am 99% positive that it had NOTHING to do with a successful Root, but I could be wrong- FYI- I put the SuperOneClick into the Root folder where I placed the SDK before I ran it.

    So yes- this is a superOneClick Method- took a few tries and fails but I got it- Then I found a 2.2.2 update on the Samsung website and installed it which I then had to Re-Root the system.

    and for the record, I am running a Core2 Duo @ 3.2Ghz- Nvidia 7600gs, and Windows 7 ultimate with enough Eye-Candy running to make a lesser system run at x486 speeds~

    Starting Off>
    1:) Download this-->

    (You may need an xda account)

    2:) Go Here-->Samsung and Download the 8mb File. This is the CDMA Driver you need. you can also get the FroYo Android update here as well, but that can wait.

    3:) Install the CDMA Driver, install the Superoneclick to a folder on the desktop or the Root of C:\ Restart your PC.

    4:) On your Gem- turn off ALL wireless, Enable Airplane Mode. Unmount the SD card and REMOVE it. open Settings and go to Applications-> Development-> ENABLE USB Debugging + ENABLE Stay Awake

    5:) Turn your Gem OFF- Then Back On. (I am assuming you have already backed up important Data- If not Do it now and THEN restart your device.)

    6:) With both the computer and the Gem freshly restarted, Plug Your Gem into a USB Port with your Micro USB Cable- (I didn't Have one, so I chopped a USB 2.0 Printer Cable and a Micro USB Wall charger, Soldered the USB cable to just the Micro USB Header from the Wall charger- Creating a USB Data cable)

    7:) If your Drivers were already installed correctly then your phone should Be detected and Installed. If so then Open SuperOneClick.exe. If Not, go back to step 3~

    8:) With SuperOneClick Running, Change the DropDown box on the right to PSNEUTER- and Hit the ROOT Button on the Far Left- the root process should begin, running all the way through- If it does not, and stops at 5, 6, or 7- for more than a minute, Unplug and quickly replug the USB cable. it should finish regardless of if it was successful or not. if it didnt complete successfully, Go back to Step 4, double checking everything, and restart your Gem- it will not be able to root unless you restart it again.

    9:) if it completes successfully, it will ask if you want to run a test- Let it. and if all is well, you will have a superuser icon in the apps list.

    if it continues to fail, do a restart, and try the GingerBreak option in the drop-down instead. After I Rooted the Gem, I Installed the Android update from the Samsung website, and had to redo the Rooting. now I just need to figure out how to Flash to straight talk... but that's a post for another Day- if you need help, shoot me an email, but only if you REALLY need it- I'm busy enjoying my Day off~ Joe

    Complaints, Questions, Comments, or PayPal Donations can be directed to my email- Unfortunately My Complaints Box is Malfunctioning at the moment so any complaints will be forwarded to Microsoft Tech Support :p


  2. KarateExplosion6

    KarateExplosion6 Well-Known Member

    Awesome to hear that SuperOneClick worked for you. I will be giving this a try soon!

    P.S. if you're on Verizon, DO NOT update your Android software. This will render your phone useless for sure.
  3. Yeah, It does do that- Kind of... it only does that because it wipes all the carrier information and resets it back to the default generic programming- then its just a matter of figuring out how to change it all to what carrier you are going to use- I havent had much time but I did make some progress towards this- I will post if I figure it out.
  4. KarateExplosion6

    KarateExplosion6 Well-Known Member

    Are you referring to a 2.2 update on Verizon or in general?

    Also, is Root permanent or lost after Reboot? I ask because there isn't any kind of kernel modification.
  5. warden1

    warden1 New Member

    I tried the method here and it did not work. The psneuter method failed after 3 attempts and the gingerbreak method failed on step #6 on three attempts. I am running version "2.1-update1" of the firmware.

    After the test completed on the psneuter attempts, it said that the root attempt was successful, but an attempt to "su" at the terminal got the dreaded "permission denied" statement.

    Urrrrgggghhhhhh... I really would like to root this phone, especially since it has a "wifi hotspot" ability.
  6. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    +1 - still unrootable, dern it! :mad:
  7. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm guessing you have discovered you are now the proud owner of a Samsung Brick...:(
  8. Been a while I know but that's running a business for ya- anyway, as far as My Gem goes, I did get it successfully programmed for Straight Talk, and im sure it would have worked too- But straight talk refused, even after they had told me I could use any phone that was set up for their service~ Didn't surprise me- and I have since tried several different Android Phones, always with the same answer.

    However- You can Use ANY phone with straight talk if you get a Cheapie flip phone from Wal-Mart, and Clone the ESN/MEID #- this is Risky though because if they find out you did that they can deactivate your NUMBER and you have to start over again with a different number. In my case My phone # is my business # and losing it would cost me a Ton of Cash-flow- wasnt worth it so im still using my trusty R451c, which is the best phone ive ever owned~

    Now if you will excuse me- Ima Root me a Galaxy~:p
  9. cmtuggl

    cmtuggl Member

    Thanks Spazerianskery - this worked on a test phone i just got :)
  10. samsunggemroot

    samsunggemroot New Member

    there is a VERY EASY way to root this phone now. I have have tryed this two times and it worked both times.
    1.)go on your phone and go to ""
    2.)type in the search bar "z4root.apk" and click on the first one then download it.
    3.)install than open up the app and press "temporary root". yes this does mean that if your phone shuts off you will have to re-root it but the permanent one does not work.
    4.)go to your homesreen, click on the app again and press allow.
    5.)go to your app drawer and click on the new app that is there, click on it, and press alow.
    6.)you are done! i think that was one of the easiest roots ever!
  11. SamGem

    SamGem New Member

    Does the 'z4root.apk' work for Verizon Samsung Gems without turning it into a brick? I've been trying to find a way to run apps that work on 2.2 and up for months now.
  12. Slashgoblin

    Slashgoblin New Member

    Did the steps. Got superuser and it did the test said my phone was rooted. BUT now when I try to do anything that needs root access my phone says it is not rooted and when I run root checker it says its not rooted. Tried restarting and now im not sure what to do
  13. KarateExplosion6

    KarateExplosion6 Well-Known Member

    Yeah... You only get temp root. There's an issue with the Gem where Superuser permissions need to be reset every 10-15 minutes. When I root the Gem, I go back and fix both SU and BusyBox permissions via ADB, before I do anything root related and in between all steps of whatever I'm doing. If you reboot, you need to re-root. It's a real PITA and I can't figure out how to make root perm.
  14. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    You know what would be really useful? If someone who has the original firmware still installed (and not a bricked 2.2 "upgrade" like me :( ) could get the temporary root and then find a way to get a firmware dump. This would let people fix their bricks, and it would give devs an opportunity to look into a way to get it to perma-root.

    Now, do I know how to do any of this? Heck no! :D
  15. fcjjcf

    fcjjcf New Member

    I have a Verizon Gem phone and would like to know if you could do a repost of all the steps that finally worked and the process of programming for a different carrier like you did for straight talk. thanks for the involved effort in figuring this out for us noobies

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