rooting tip for linux and linux live booting

  1. blaksplash

    blaksplash New Member

    Here is a post i made over on xda-developers

    i successfully got into adb in recovery mode fairly easily on my ubuntu 10.4 laptop using the following method-
    this should also work for a linux live boot from a usb flash drive

    in one terminal tail and follow log messages
    ~$ tail -f /var/log/messages

    in another terminal run the loop


    1. plugin usb and keep it plugged in
    2. remove battery, eject sd card.
    3. put battery in
    4. press vol- and power
    5. after around 6 seconds, your terminal with the log will show something like "new high speed USB..."
    6. press vol- to select recovery
    7. press the power button
    8. IMPORTANT- as soon as you see a new log entry (something like "USB disconnect"), pop in the sd card

    check your loop terminal for adb. if it doesn't work, repeat at step 2

    hope this may be helpful to some

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  2. RootDaDuck

    RootDaDuck Active Member

    Thanks, didn't think booting a live CD will work, but ill try it out. Thanks!
  3. jjl442010

    jjl442010 Member

    Thanks for this !=) Got into recovery on about the 5th try using your steps along with the good ole PNY 2GB card.. Much appreciated!!
  4. masontx

    masontx Active Member

    I'm a newbie, so am a little unclear. I have an Augen 108 netbook running Android 2.1 on an Arm11 cpu. I run various linux versions on my laptops and desktops, so I looked for a terminal on this netbook first thing, and didn't find one. How do I get a terminal?

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