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  1. daymo77

    daymo77 Member

    i have no other issues at all works like a dream. can sync twitter google and my hotmail. i can even sign in to facebook via the android app. but getting the htc sense one to work just aint happening. tried a different rom and its the same thing. so i am guessing it has to be a facebook issue.

  2. deepdevil

    deepdevil Member

    Guys, this is really my first post, though I've been following up and reading this forum since even before I actually had an Android phone. Got the Desire a few weeks back and after much thought, have now decided to go ahead and root it. Have been through various threads/forums and think the method explained in this thread is what I should follow. Have a few questions before I do though, and will greatly appreciate any help with these:

    So, here is the sequence of steps as I have understood, please correct me if I am wrong:
    1. Backup, then root using unrevoked3
    2. Install radio and custom ROM (planning to go for Opendesire with Sense)
    3. For A2SD, use ROM Manager to partition SD card

    Another question I have is... and I don't think I have read it anywhere so far... how do I specify the space I want to allocate on the SD card for A2SD? Can I choose, lets say 1GB, or even 2 for this? Does the command "PartitionSDCard'> Ext Size> 512mb>Swap>0" mean it will allot 512 MB on the card for A2SD? Going by this, I should be able to say "PartitionSDCard'> Ext Size> 1024mb>Swap>0" instead to get 1 gig..

    And later... how do I manage remaining space in the phone memory and the ext3 partition?

    Thanks in advance guys... must say you're doing some awesome work for newbies like me
  3. g4rvd4

    g4rvd4 Well-Known Member

    1 & 2 .. Yes, you're absolutely right. I did the same thing, went with AdamG.. (tried about 5 ROMs in the span of 1 night, then settled on this)

    3 & 4.. I would like to know this too.. :)
  4. Tunga

    Tunga Well-Known Member

    1024MB will work for the apps partition, yes. Pretty sure you can't have more than that though, some limitation of the file table or something.
  5. chris100575

    chris100575 Well-Known Member

    Woohoo! I am now rooted and running Froyo! Was easier than I thought it'd be, just followed the instructions carefully and it went without a hitch. :D
  6. DesirableHTC

    DesirableHTC Well-Known Member

    if there was a bow down emoticon i would place it here!

    you have nerves of steel my friend :D
  7. kboya

    kboya Well-Known Member

    HahA,easy tiger:eek:
    i am trying, but at the mo it's not happening. Will post when/if I get anywhere. I'll post the links to see if y'all can see where I am am going wrong.
  8. DesirableHTC

    DesirableHTC Well-Known Member

  9. kboya

    kboya Well-Known Member

    looks good! I might try it myself, when I get a chance. As long as you have partitioned your sdcard, which I think you have already, this will apply the a2sd+ automatically and all you have to do is install the ROM and do the suggested wipes (remember to nandroid backup etc before you do anything)
  10. DesirableHTC

    DesirableHTC Well-Known Member

    Yeah mate i have done that and internal was at 140MB but i have just installed google earth, and it went down to 118..... So it looks as if apps are going to internal memory again...? also mate now that i have flashed this new rom (very sexy BTW!!) :D how do i go about getting all my apps back? cos if i do a restore with nandroid it will revert me back to my previous rom wont it? Do i have to re install them one by one again? Im slowly getting the hang of all the dev-ing mate.....:)
  11. kboya

    kboya Well-Known Member

    did you titanium backup also?
  12. Dezzer

    Dezzer Member

    Just done what was outlined in the first post. I am on Orange and use an Orange branded and locked Desire. Went ok expect the Android boot logo takes a while plus the phone literally screams when i try to use the camcorder and it freezes.
  13. kboya

    kboya Well-Known Member

    The boot screen can take a good while 1st boot. i have tested the video cam at 720 and 480 without this issue. have you tried doing the wipe in recovery?
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  14. kboya

    kboya Well-Known Member

    I reread the ROM post and it supports ext2/ext3/ext4, if you partitioned the card using rROM manger it should have ext2.

    When I tried Google Earth it added 10MB or so to the internal using a2sd+, which is roughly half of its installed size
  15. Dezzer

    Dezzer Member

    Thanks Kboya, Wipe data or wipe cache?

    + how do i now restore what i once backed up on the SD?

  16. DesirableHTC

    DesirableHTC Well-Known Member

    no, i didnt not before i flashed the rom! fu@k!!! :( Not to worry anyway ill just start a fresh, that doesnt really concern me, what does is this A2SD, am i right in thinking i can follow your guide at the bottom of post #1? google earth shouldnt have used 22MB of internel if A2SD was working should it?
  17. kboya

    kboya Well-Known Member

    you can do both. Remember, you already have a nandroid save to restore to if anything goes wong.

    "+ how do i now restore what i once backed up on the SD?"

    what are you referring to? The nandroid, or somtheing else? If you used another app (e.g. mybackuppro) then install that app to restore what you saved with it? To restore the previous ROM using nandroid, you go into recovery and select restore etc
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  18. kboya

    kboya Well-Known Member

    you could restore your previous ROM i nandroid (which should have system and apps) then titanium it, then flash the new rom again and restore apps through titanium.

    regarding the sd/apps2sd. you could backup everything on the card, then try to partition it again through ROMmanager (I havent tried this). Only question: did you wipe the partition like the rom dev requires? if not it may be why a2sd+ aint working. I might try this ROM this avo, if I have time at work, and see how I get on.
  19. Dezzer

    Dezzer Member

    Just wiped cache and data, reset up, tried camcorder and it screams and freezes in all formats. once phone boots up again it resets itself and camcorder still freezes and screams for 5 seconds.:confused:
  20. Dezzer

    Dezzer Member

    I meant restoring the apps i'd saved etc but it looks as if i'll have to restore to previous state as i really wanted HD camcorder working.
  21. DesirableHTC

    DesirableHTC Well-Known Member

    1. Put ROM on to SD
    2. put phone into recovery
    3. selected nandroid, did a full back up
    4. did a wip/factory reset
    5. installed radio/rom
    6. reboot

    I think/sure these were the steps that i took. Im just trying to re partition it through R/M again, like i did with other rom, just copying my card contents atm. will let you know how it goes.

    BTW mate, this rom is very nice, i think he has incorporated a theme into it as a few changes are apparent. Lock screen has changed it is now a straight bar to unlock rather than the curved stock one, same with the home screen the bottom bar with app drawer/phone/+ is now straight and not curved like before, when things are selected they are now powder blue rather than green, all in all im very happy with how it looks, not really tested is performance as of yet, but reading reports, people are very happy, someone got 1500+ on a quadrant benchmark test, way faster than the N1!! :D
  22. DesirableHTC

    DesirableHTC Well-Known Member

    well this is weird, i have just tried to partition my SD card, followed your steps in your guide, but after i partitioned the card through rom manager and when it rebooted i went to open rom manager and it has gone!! and so has titanium back up! WTF is going on???? Im stumped now.... do i download them again or what? but in superuser permissions there are 3 programmes, but its says unknown....

    edit, also another programme missing, is one that came with the rom called "ad free"
  23. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Well-Known Member

  24. kboya

    kboya Well-Known Member

    did you backup the sdcard before you partitioned it??
  25. DesirableHTC

    DesirableHTC Well-Known Member

    Yes, but like a prat i didnt put everything back on it before reboot :eek: Im just in the process now

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