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  1. Guys, any news or updates on rooting A78?

  2. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Ask mmx if there's any stability update for a78.
    Because I need firmware image or files to root it.
    U ask mmx about it till then I will look up for another way :D

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  3. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    And also make publicity on mmx facebook page so that more a78 users come here.

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  4. If you could tell me a way to extract the firmware or image files... i can send you the same.
    also i tried to root by:
    superclickone v.2.3.3 - does'nt works.
    Rooting guide for ninad for A85, Does'nt works.

    Although i did do this: How to force install apps to SD card without ROOT!!! A70. successfully done in A78.
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  5. engineer09

    engineer09 Member

    pls give me info about micromax a78
  6. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Dont you think this must be in All Things Root forum ;)
  7. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

  8. yeah... tried zurgrush. tried gingerbreak!
    Does'nt works.
    motorolla root have'nt tried yet. i'll give it a try.
    and its jst two of us in this whole sub-forum so i dnt thnk anyone would mind us of posting this thread in root section. once root, u cn ask the moderator to move this thread there.
  9. motorolla root does'nt works either.
    "permission to root access declined. No root access."
    varun, what other options do we have?

    how can i extract firmware or image files?
  10. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    You need root for it :p

    The problem is like, u need the mmx Support package ,
    some users secretly copied the link from where the mmx person was downloading it :) for A75 ! hence I was able to Root the device ;)

    I am trying to find other ways ! but still nothing :)
  11. Guys any news on how to root this device...?
    "Micromax support" people prove to be of no help.
    the device is not even usable widout a root!
    No RAM, no internal storage whtsoever...
    to be accurate: 5 mb internal memory (cz i cnt move 'preintalled' google maps, facebook, etc and their updated to storage card... and
    12 -18 mb free RAM (cz of some useless services running in the background which when stopped, restart.)
  12. gta

    gta Well-Known Member

  13. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Oops ,
    that was too much exaggeration ....
    it is impossible to have 5Mb of Data ... that's crazy and to be frank i do not think any company would do that crap ... as some apps are 5Mb each (even more)

    More over seems you have installed many many apps :) That is the reason for the low memory !

    For as Maps and other crap is installed in the system memory and not in data memory (where you can install apps )1
  14. Its not exaggeration.... cant even post a screenshot... No root to get it installed.
    The company actually sold crap this time.
    yes too many programs installed but all of them are in storage card.
    every single one tht was installed manually is in storage card.
    Too many pre-installed apps - in system memory (rom)
    All the updates of those pre-installed apps- in internal storage
    thus leaving the free internal storage to be exactly 7MB at present.

    and so far RAM is concerned:
    Launcher 11 MB
    Settings 14 MB
    Facebook 11 MB
    Maps 12 MB
    Google services 8 MB
    android Keyboard 4.6 MB
    peek 2 MB

    119 MB used
    Ram free: 1.3 MB
  15. engineer09

    engineer09 Member

    pls some one tell me hoe cani root this phone I am unable to play games due to low ram pls experts help me n other users of a78 pls
  16. engineer09

    engineer09 Member

    friends please help me this phon is hell if not rooted please someone help me come on
  17. raman9860

    raman9860 New Member

    pls help!!!!!!! how to root this phone
  18. Pranab

    Pranab New Member

    guys am also and user of A78. I must say that wiothout rooting the phone is practically unusable. all the methods available in net so far is tried unsuccessfully.. Please help
  19. rsidd

    rsidd Member

    I'd like to root the thing too, but you're exaggerating a bit, right? It's a very usable and useful device as it is, for calls, e-mail, net-surfing, reading e-books, playing music. I see no difference in smoothness/responsiveness to my wife's Galaxy S. For more heavy-duty stuff I tether it to my laptop.

    Or maybe the manufacturing quality varies wildly and I happen to have got a good piece..
  20. Pranab

    Pranab New Member

    Yes you are right. Smoothness and performance is okay till I am leaving 100MB or so internal memory. (I have only installed Google +, App lock, MX player, Xabber and google reader, That's it I only have 92 mb memory left) Still whenever I am accessing contacts or call log it takes time. Okay it's manageable. (As I have payed not much for all these)
    Most important is battery life. It sucks. Hope it will be improved once the pre-installed caps which remains active all the time is removed.
  21. rsidd

    rsidd Member

    Try moving the apps to the SDcard? (You have one right?) Google+ alone is around 22MB I think. I haven't installed the others you mention but have quite a few other apps -- kindle, opera mini next, dolphin mini, adobe reader, folder play etc.

    As for battery life, I find it comparable to my wife's much more expensive Samsung Galaxy S. In other words, on a full charge with normal use (for me) it lasts 24 hours. It has never run out of charge for me yet.
  22. brimtdelhi

    brimtdelhi Member

    hi friends...i recently purchased Micromax A78 phone.I have tried every single rooting application available on internet and none of them worked..I also have samsung galaxy ace and its damm easy to root galaxy ace buy with A78 nothing seems to work so if any one have solution to this please share.

    Thank You,
    Amit Tyagi
  23. sachinmudholka

    sachinmudholka New Member

    Hi Ninad & Varun,
    I have read almost all your posts for A75. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge.

    I have tried Zurgush, it didnt worked on my A78.

    I am able to see all my file on internal rom of A78 and I can download as well. let me know if you need any specific file on mobile, which will help to root it.

    Thanks Again Ninad and Varun.
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  24. Feltea

    Feltea Member

    I have heard that SP flashing tool support Micromax A78, hope it help
  25. Feltea

    Feltea Member

    Guys please help us root

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