Rooting using Linux

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  1. nRRe

    nRRe Well-Known Member

    Rooted my Evo4g. Using toasts full method(both parts)

    still using the sprint rooted rom. Have a question though.

    Used Windows7 64bit to root my phone, but I am thinking about going to Linux Mint instead of Win7.

    Will there be any complications doing this? Can I still just transfer the zip files to the phone to flash roms to it and use ADB still if needed? Same with the Sprint RUU if i want to go back to stock?

  2. SebastianX

    SebastianX Well-Known Member

    All Evo rooting is done via Linux, Android itself is a mobile Linux distro. The only reason you see Windows all over these rooting guides is because 95% of all users run Windows, adb can be run from a bash prompt all the same. I don't see why you'd have any problems.
  3. nRRe

    nRRe Well-Known Member

    Yeah i know Android is linux but i wanted to make sure. All I do see is Windows applications etc.

    Good to hear.

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